Most of the blog’s pieces are brought to you by the current people on this page!

Malak Atwa

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Malak Atwa is a green heights student in the 10th grade and an activist trying to fight for a better world.I’m a firm believer that you’re truly where you’re meant to be in every second of every day. Im overly sarcastic,stubborn as hell, really dramatic and too cheesy. I’m obsessed with human anatomy, extraterrestrial life, books, 80s and 90s music, video games,horror movies and coffee. I’ve always had a fire for writing ever since i was young. I kept several journals and would write fictional horror stories when I should’ve been studying. As im growing I’m learning to be unapologetically myself and thats what you’re going to see in my articles. For me,writing is an escape-among other things obviously,i confide my emotions in my writing which may not be the best thing to do-as a writer always has to be unbiased, but its what i do. Im determined and dedicated to my work. My motto in life is “You get what you give”. There isn’t really much else i could say because im still trying to figure out who Malak Atwa really is,but i think im going to like her.



Zeina El Mofty

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I’m a weirdo who likes to refer to herself by the term “smol bean” and calls almost everyone “bro”. I live for the Dolan Twins, breathe TV series and am sort of, kind of a meme Queen. Oh I almost forgot, I’m also a ballerina who happens to love mathematics. I’m a little..okay I’m way too extra and I have to admit , I’m lovin’ it. People here call me the Story Teller , which gets me so damn excited every-time I start writing for you guys , and I hope y’all are as excited as I am to read my pieces.

PS. If you’re a weirdo too , hit me up , we can bond over stupid stuff together.

Second PS. One important fact about me: I love everything and everyone. (Except for insects) .

Rawan Khalil


Hey y’all! I’m Rawan, 16, I live in Kuwait. I am a very wild girl. I hate labels that are set by society and I believe that humans shouldn’t have a default! I have a passion for MUN, reading and writing- if you can’t find me then my nose is probably stuck in some book. I am always obsessing over something (so yeah I basically never keep myself unoccupied). I obsess about books, tv shows, movie stars, fictional characters- and if I’m obsessed I never stop talking. I love poisons and toxicology and as far as I can remember I always said I wanted to be a detective (they still don’t believe I’m serious).



Amina El Farouk

I’m Amina El Farouk, just a teen who loves to live in a world of her own.

I’m  currently in grade 10 at Smart Village School. I have a  slight obsession with the world of youtube but I mean, who doesn’t?  I’m also a huge Harry  Potter fan and would very much like to drop out of school to be able to go to Hogwarts. I’ve loved writing  since the moment I first laid eyes on a book and I guess that’s what got me here.

Salma Mourad

Salma Mourad, almost 16, DEO-student.

I really love to read(dystopia,fiction,romance,you name it), write (obviously), and I’m one one of the very few girls that play playstation.
I’m a soccer player at aimz, left-footed, but weirdly right-handed. I wouldn’t last a day without listening to music, and I enjoy singing and dancing alot. A fictional character I would love to be like is Hermione granger, as I’m a crazed Harry Potter fan. I’d like to say i’m the independant, ambitious, but also caring type. I’m kind of crazy once you really get to know me, but at the same time, I get shy. ALOT. Especially when complimented. Extroverted Introvert?
I’m known for my curly hair and my loud, sometimes terrifying laugh.

Mariam Abdelrazek

Heyy, I’m Mariam. My friends call me crazy (bullies). I’m fifteen years old and I’m not awkward at all (please note the sarcasm).

To say I love fitness would be an understatement. My body is like treasure to me and I love every single scar and imperfection that marks it.They remind me of how strong I am. I adore animals; I have four dogs and I love them more than anything. I live and breathe art. Whenever I want to express my feelings, my set of drawing pencils never fail me. While I might seem calm and collected, I actually have a really bad temper. Yeah, you don’t wanna get on my bad side. When I’m stressed about finals or something, I usually binge-watch a Netflix show. See? I’m called Crazy for a reason.

P.S Did I mention that I have a black belt in karate?

Maya Hesham

Hi! I’m Maya, an IG student at Modern Education School. I’m 16 – I’m a gemini.

I’m an avid reader, books, especially fantasy fiction ones, always did the trick for me since I was a little kid until now – HARRY POTTER Y’ALL!! I am a little obsessed – okay not a little a lot – with the colour red, I think that’s a kind of weird thing to say about a person, but you’ll find out that I’m full of surprises. I love trying new cuisines and I love food in general – all the way from haribo to mahshy and taboola. I’m a huge fan of the series “How I met your mother”, and there’s this movie, eat, pray, love, my ultimate guide to my entire life – it helps I promise. I started writing 2 years ago mostly poetry and stuff about heartbreak – I’m absolutely no good at relationships – and since then I thought of it as a way to let out all my emotions healthily, and finally learn to accept things and let shit go.
P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LANA DEL REY, you can hit me up anytime and we’ll rant about her 😉

Jana El Shorbagy

I’m a very sarcastic and extra 15 year old with a deep appreciation for puns, memes, coffee, and gummy worms 🙂

I’ll break it down for you: so..I basically have a strong opinion about everything and would never back down from an argument, I’m stubborn like that. People say I’m a weird combination between emo and perky, mean and nice. Therefore, the articles I’ll be writing will be about different topics. My awkwardness is a natural curse, I mean I manage to turn all situations into awkward ones just by being there 😉 I watch many shows (and when I say many, I mean MANY) all with varying genres but my personal and all time favorite is supernatural (I seriously recommend this), yeah you can call me obsessed. I love, love, lovee goats and think that they’re the cutest animals ever! I’m considered the “crazy” one between my friends, and let me tell you, they’re not necessarily wrong…

Hanya Kotb

I’m Hanya, an IG Student at Maadi Narmer School. I found this extremely challenging to write and it’s driving me crazy.

I guess I can start by saying that I’m one of the rare a health conscious vegetarian, environmentalist who obsesses over self-care. I’m medication free and all about the natural, raw, and simple life because anything that is hurting in my body, my body can fix; I love biology, it’s fascinating.
I like to believe I’m quite intellectual, controversial, outspoken, and striking which constantly gets me in trouble. I happen to know my rights and my obligations quite well which most people have no idea of and also why I’m constantly causing problems. I’m a workaholic, I hustle and I can’t even remember the last time I got 6 hours of sleep. I’m an activist and I stand my ground and I absolutely love debating and proving my point even though that rarely happens because not many people can truly challenge that mind of mine. I’m compassionate, free, rebellious, a paradox. I fight back and I’m snarky even if I may be anxious more often than not. I’m playful and affectionate and I love flirting around, platonically. I’m affectionate and kind and I hold gratitude towards anyone. I can be the nicest person you’ve ever met, but not if you come near my friends and myself. Forget about understanding me, you can’t.
I live for art, music, drawing, writing. They keep me going and the save me when I’m at my low. My pendants are statements not jewellery, so what can you make up about me?

Hanna Haitham

I’m Hanna Haitham, I’m 17, I go to Nefertari American School.

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The articles i’m going to write about in teentimes will revolve around, self love, how to know your worth, and also about struggles and problems we all face in this day and age. Mainly I’ll talk about these topics because our generation can’t achieve anything if they haven’t got themselves figured out first. You can’t really make peace if you’re not at peace with yourself and with your past. Most people who deal with depression in any form don’t really know how to tackle it, most people don’t know they have it. Basically what I’m trying to do is discuss the hardships everybody faces but doesn’t talk about, about everyday struggles, basic problems, the little things that accumulate and turn into something bigger. Maybe then, you can spot them in yourself and change them.

Renad Khaled

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Hii! I’m Renad Khaled, a 16 year old who’s obsessed with videography and aspires to be a filmmaker. I’m a very sarcastic person, and I tend to act extremely weird sometimes but hey, I have a fair amount of friends so it has to be working, right? I usually take time to get used to a certain situation, but I get along with people easily so I consider myself an ambivert. Writing is something that makes me happy, and as cheesy as it sounds, it’s very true. I like writing about skin/hair care, but I also love expressing my feelings, it’s like whenever I write about a bad experience that has occurred, I get closure and just happily move on. I have an obsession with anything vintage, especially fashion and my favorite color is yellow because I believe that it has something to do with lightening up my mood. I happen to have the cutest Golden Retrievers ever, Maestro and Piano (it’s fine, you can make fun of the names) and they honestly mean the world to me, it’s not even logical.

Ali Sakr

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I’m Ali, 16, and I don’t really think I’m that interesting of a person. I’ve loved reading, writing, drawing and music (specially playing piano), since I was very young. Aside from this artistic side of me, I’m into reading about all sorts of science-based topics – usually when I should be sleeping – mainly the ones that leave me with an existential crisis. I’d admit to being a nerd but I’m thankfully not that self conscious at the moment. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a 100% introvert, but I’d definitely prefer being alone at home on a rainy night with a book or good show to binge watch, over going out to “party” or whatever it is kids do these days. Yes, I just pulled off a “kids these days”. Did I mention I’m not that interesting?

Hadeel Hatem

I’m Hadeel,14, and I go to BCCIS. I’m a very curious person and a deep thinker. I’m usually very passionate about reading, writing, and music. I’m very dramatic and zealous when it comes to my passions or human rights. But when I’m not writing or worrying over my midterms I’m either watching a netflix show or reading.

I’m a feminist and I hate both stereotypes and labels, because their existence was made to put a limit to minorities life and success. I like switching subjects a lot- hence my articles range from controversial to emotional, but always end with a bit of self love in each piece.

Kanzy Nada

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Hey y’all, I’m Kanzy, a 14 year old who’s still trying to find her feet in this world. If you know me you’ll know I am obsessed with books,movies and series. Ficitional characters are my best friends and I would have prefered if I was studying at Hogwarts and living at Mystic falls.I have a passion for writing novels and short stories because I just love creating my very own ficitional demensions that I can escape into. As you may have guessed, I am an introvert that would very much like getting out of her shell. Therefore, I am thrilled to be a part of this community where being introverted and shy is not acceptable.