We’re just a bunch of Arab teenagers trying to start conversations and maybe take over the world. We’re weird and fun and we take no shit, we’re also almost strictly feminist. Our collective mission is to make this platform a safe space for anyone and everyone – as we’re all used to saying: “we’re all human”, differences should not matter. You can get to know us individually below! Respect and love to y’all.

Founder + Editor-in-Chief


Hi, I’m Fadila, your young version of Miranda Priestly if she was studying Anthropology and half in love with Sylvia Plath. I’d rather call myself the “scandalous bitch-in-chief”, because tbh, that’s what I am. I’ve taken in more kids than I care to count, I’m 19 now but I founded Teenntimes since a little before my 17th birthday, I’ve run this platform singlehandedly for two years before I caved in and let Rawan and Hanya (and now Farida and Ali) take some of the work load off. I’m as feminist as they come and a wannabe activist to boot. I started Teenntimes because I needed a safe haven to be myself and it makes me so happy and proud that it has become a safe haven for a couple hundred thousands teens too! I’m even prouder of the growing diversity in our team and our expansion beyond Egypt and Kuwait.

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Managing Editor

Rawan Khalil

I am Rawan – a 17 year old girl who’s 90% extrovert and 100% loud with way too much going on in her brain, and way too little time to do it all. I am always laughing and would like to believe my laugh is contagious but well, who am I to judge? I am a workaholic nerd that listens to 90s rock music and reads philosophy meanwhile juggling my love for chemistry and watching as many series as I possibly can. I am a low-key coffee addict. I love love love writing and talking but did I mention I hate talking about myself??

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Ali Sakr

So, hi. I’m Ali. I’d normally attempt to make this as accurate a description of my personality as possible, but, right now, I’m quite sure said “personality” is going to be changing pretty much every other week. This is why what I’ll try to do instead is introduce some constants about myself – things that don’t change everytime my personality decides to have a mood swing, so here goes.

I’m the kind of person who enjoys math and physics. I like classical music (but also most modern music) and I really love watching dumb productivity videos on youtube which I only end up using, at most, 20% of, but it makes me feel nice so I don’t care. Writing is also cool.

That’s not really all I had to say since I am a human and attempting to reduce an entire personality to a few sentences is quite challenging, but oh well. We’re good for now :3

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Hanya Kotb

This is Hanya, an air sign and I take pride in that (guess my zodiac lol). I’m doing IGCSE at Maadi Narmer School and I love the community- for the most part. I’ve always been into doing more when it comes to anything and I more often than not attach my entire being into breaking whatever case I have at hand but absolutely can and will drop it like its nothing if I wish to. I never like to settle, not even as a child; I grew up with my mom calling me problematic and loud then my friends calling me bold and outspoken. I live my life by trial and error and I don’t ever go for what you would call the “safe option”. I’m adamant on reaching the highest levels possible, even if it may cost me my mentality most times. Maybe the people around me too other times. I’ve been called “too much” one too many times so it made sense to come here; been on teenntimes, as a writer, since September of 2018; was the youngest then. Everything around me has changed, however, I’m still (one of) the youngest now too. I’m a workaholic drenched in desire, tea, music, art, playwrights, and overall mind-fucks.

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Farida El Shafie

Here’s the deal, I’m an amateur MUA and writer-in-the-making with dreams I could roll for miles in front of me (so, let’s just hope I don’t trip and fall flat on my face). I love everything from reading about gender politics to exploring cities on my feet. I’m in my 2nd year of uni, studying Comparative Literature at King’s College London (because what else would I be studying?) I’m wholly addicted to coffee, worrying, but at least you know I’ll always find a way to make the perfect coffee date happen. Writing has always been a way to phrase my unstructured – some would say messy – thought process. I’m a perfectionist which means a lot of mental breakdowns but that’s why I think my writing has so much to say. When I write it isn’t from a place of fear, it’s a safe space, a place I hope I can share with everyone one day… one step a time.

P.S I’m a feminist… do with that what you will 🙂

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Senior Writers

Nour Jumma

Hala hala, I’m Nour (signed NKJ), born Egyptian and raised in Kuwait. I thrive on sapphic music and pretty poetry so obviously I’m a Literature major. I’m your stereotypical “I went to MUN religiously in highschool and owe alot my growth to that” but also the “I’ve attended every open-mic night that has happened in Kuwait since 2016.” I very deeply need to get as many body piercings as I can get before I’m legally not allowed within certain distances of magnets. I’ve most likely binge-watched every decent sitcom there is from Becker and Seinfeld (and obviously Friends) to New Girl and B99. Aside from writing, my absolute favourite form of artistic expression is photography, (follow @nkjpeg on Instagram!) and my most valued possession is definitely my Polaroid camera.


Hello, I’m Aliah. Im 17 at the moment, but by the time this goes up I might be 18! And I don’t really know how to start this… but here goes nothing, I was born to a Kuwaiti dad and Ecuadorian mom and have basically grew up in Kuwait. I have always been an avid debater and have always taken pride in my public speaking endeavours… no seriously, MUN is my biggest personality trait. I have a severe passion for all things politcal, feminist, Fitness related and cows (I love cows). I started writing and getting into feminism due to Michelle Obamas documentary- its really good btw- and haven’t stopped since!


Okay, honestly? I have no idea what you need to know. Typically I go by Lilo, I’m 17 and a sophomore in university. I’m a Kuwaiti- Moroccan living in Kuwait -and will pressure anyone i know to go for a summer in morocco (like seriously). Living in Kuwait has given me a certain perspective on life, I’ve grown up with a drastically different opinion than the majority of the people around me. As a result, I’ve been outcasted in my own community but I still try to use my voice in whatever way I can to speak out about things others are too afraid to approach. I’ll listen to any kind of music and always open to recommendations so don’t hesitate to DM me and tell me your favs 🙂

Dara Mohd

Heyo! My name is Dara and I’m a soon-to-be-14-year-old Palestinian-Canadian in Jordan. I’m a reading, politics, MUN and Tik Tok enthusiast. And yes, I’m that psycho feminist girl from Tik Tok. Anywho, I practically live and breathe music, creative writing, activism and feminism. You’ll definitely see me sitting around and reading somewhere while jamming out to my playlist. Since early childhood, I’d stay up all night and all day simply reading, and for that I owe my passion for creative writing. Despite being rejected a trillion times by other magazines, here I am writing a bio for Teenn Times. Pretty cool, right? Besides all this borderline-nerdy activity, I love to go biking and skateboarding, and I’m obsessed with fashion. I’ll also totally play minecraft with you! In 20 years or something, you’ll definitely catch me in a law firm as a successful lawyer! In summary, get ready to meet a raging feminist liberal who will not stop talking about books and how much she loves sparking controversy in politics.

Junior Writers

Malak Atwa

hi, I’m Malak. 3 things that you have to know about me would be 1) The people I love are the most important thing in my life hands down. 2) I don’t like being lied to, but who does really? 3) My life motto is everything happens for a reason, because it really does. Small or big everything has a reason, it’s called the butterfly effect. I’ve been writing ever since I was a kid and i fell in love with it. I tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious a lot and writing helps with that. It gets my thoughts straight and calms me down. It’s hard to find someone you can trust completely and even if you do they might not understand what you have to say, but paper will forever be your bestfriend. Oh and also I’ve probably watched every single show under the sun and I have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers and true crime documentaries but I promise you I’m not a psychopath. Okay maybe a little bit, but who isn’t? right?

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Malak Hatem

Haaii! I’m Malak. Teta Malak, if you will. My friends all call me teta and honestly I don’t mind it. I love how people talked, dressed and acted back then, which brings us to one of my not-so-secret obsessions: black and white movies. To me, old movies are like chocolate. They heal all. I am also obsessed with Harry Potter, there’s not a soul who knows me that doesn’t know I am a Hufflepuff. So that’s old movies, Harry Potter and yeah, writing. The three things that no matter what is going on in my life at any given time or how overwhelmed I feel are always a priority.

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Salma G

Salma Gharraf, Salma G, whatever you wanna call me.
Alexandrian who lives in Cairo.
I’m that loud girl who takes MUN/MEU debates way too seriously.
Introvert on social media, extrovert in real life. Turning 16 this June. Music and stories are basically my main source of happiness. I find myself in complete bliss when reading books on the beach at sunset, with some music playing in the background, preferably R&B. (I always have headphones on). I come from a family of engineers/doctors where I’m the only one interested in poetry, politics, philosophy… (I believe I’m adopted). I love doing volunteer work and going on road trips. Other than being a writer, I’m also an aspiring spoken word poet. Started writing silly poems in 4th grade, took it seriously when I came across Button Poetry on YouTube. My audience consists of my friends, my reflection in the mirror and sometimes my school, so we’re getting there, maybe?

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Mariam El Naggar

I spent a significant amount of time putting this off, followed by some more time staring at a blank sheet. As you probably guessed, writing about myself isn’t something I find easy. But, nonetheless, here I am.

So, hi! My name is Mariam Elnaggar and I’m currently a 16 year old student who attends BISC. Aside from being your typical reading and MUN infatuated nerd, I’m a basketball player at Gezira and a die-hard celtics fan. Who, having grown up with 3 brothers, could kick your ass at call of duty. I also have a borderline crazy obsession with food and I absolutely adore traveling.

To sum it all up: 1 part sports lover, 1 part wanderer, 2 parts foodie and 3 parts geek.

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Staff Writers

Hagar Ezzo

Hello everyone, my name is Hagar Ibrahim and I’m currently 16 years old. My interests would have to be poetry, makeup, and singing. My music taste ranges anywhere from travis scott to tamer hosny. My ideal job would probably be a successful businesswoman. My DREAM job would be a successful painter, living in Italy by the water. Two very different things, two very different circumstances. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” And that is something I will stand by till I die. The world needs both to balance. It’s no secret that the world has seen the authors, poets, and artists as the underdogs, and by writing for teentimes, I like to think that we defy these stereotypes. This page is more than a few articles, it’s interviews and rants and speaking from the heart, it’s art.

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Zeina El Mofty

If someone tells me to describe myself in one word I’d go speechless. Usually I’d say I’m weird but that’s not elaborate enough. I imagine myself as a page absolutely full of overlapped writings to the extent that you can’t read shit. I’d describe myself as both blue and pink. I’m both a perfectionist and a procrastinator. A dynamic combo of everything. I’m into sports but I’m also into reading and writing and mathematics and dancing and possibly anything you can name. I walk with a diary and small notepads to write a tip on a piece of paper for strangers to find. I’m a mess but I’m also a person with a purpose I cannot yet name. Last but not least, I write and that’s also one of the most radiant sides of me. One thing I find in common between everything I do is that I do it for people. So, tell me to describe myself in one word and I’ll say I can only do so in two. I’m a people person.

Zaynab Zaher

Hey! My name’s Zaynab. My friends describe me as nice and bubbly. Of course, I’d rather be known as a fire-breathing feminist; equity ya gama3a, it’s for both men and women, simple walahy. I’m both a hopeless romantic and a realist -to a fault- which sucks. My hobbies include reading, watching tv, and fangirling over fictional characters. I’ve moved around four times in my life, and I’ve been to 4 schools. I like writing about important topics because they need to be talked about and acknowledged. Alright, bye!

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Marwan Hegazi

Okay, let’s make this quick. My name is Marwan, a 17 year old senior who is trying to juggle academics, training, writing and a I don’t even remember what else at this point. I’m a competitive rower, and please beware of the competitive part. I’m probably the most reckless guy you’ll ever meet, and believe me I’m not exaggerating. I just do it and deal with consequences later, which isn’t very smart to be honest. I’m not a traveller, but I love being at places I’ve never been before; so I’ve got this thing where I’m visiting every city in Egypt, still got 9 to go. I love having long conversations and arguments, the type where we’re just talking about what we believe in and building new opinions and views, not the ones where someone has to be wrong. I think that’s pretty much what someone would write in a bio!

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Featured Writers

Renad Ghareib

hello, I’m Renad! I guess you can say I’m your average 17 year old, I care about my family & friends, I’m struggling with choosing a major and I’m filling up my free time with extra-curricular activities. I’m really into photography and graphic design, I can never stick to an ‘aesthetic’ and I tend to watch cartoons or old movies at the most random times. Expressing myself has been something I’ve struggled with for a long time and i came to the conclusion that writing is something I truly enjoy which was the realization i needed to get me to join the teenntimes team. 

I think of myself as an indecisive and confused teenager and to some extent, I think we all are just that. However, no matter how many times I’ve drifted along the way or got caught up in something else, I always come back to writing, which is why being a part of this amazing team will always be something I’ll cherish and hold on to. 

Mariam Abdelrazek

I’m Mariam Abdelrazek and if being an artist, writer, student and martial arts player who runs on a non-existant sleep schedule and whatever else your average 16 year old does, then I’m definitely your average 16 year old. I’ve been a writer at teenntimes for almost 11 months now. I voice my thoughts through articles because I’m too shy to voice them through speech.

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Hey! I’m Jumana; I’m only 17 but I’m basically always stressing. I tend to always put a lot of stuff on my plate then complain about it later but I never do something I’m not passionate about. I absolutely love debating and I almost always have very strong, usually controversial, opinions and I’m a bit too blunt about them, oops? I want to study criminology and political science in university and maybe one day work for the government as a spy or something ( I know, I know, it’s very far fetched). I’m a hiker and a yogi, and as busy as I get, I make sure to always have time for those, and reading of course. Im- I feel like that’s enough rambling, but I’m a huge talker, so if you ever wanna talk, hit me up 🙂

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My name’s Areeba and I have always been an avid reader which led to the development of my writing skills.As a kid I used to pull all nighters reading novels and watching shows and educational videos that would interest me. I have always been interested in multiple topics from literature and philosophy to medicine and while what I want to pursue as a career is quite different to my hobbies I still love learning about basically everything and anything. But my brain constantly is thinking and running and that leads to a lot of comedic real life glitches and gold fish moments. I am generally really sarcastic but it’s all with good intentions and I believe in truly loving and romanticizing your life and am still learning to completely love myself. This platform is one of the ways I would like spread love and creativity into the world and hopefully my passion that has lead to run my school magazine alongside my chief editor makes me a better writer for this magazine.

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