Whatever written content you see is probably the work of these kids right here! From creating crazy content plans guaranteed to make y’all relate to editing the works of the writers on a weekly basis and all the way to helping writers out with their ideas and structure – these are the girls behind the kickass shit we produce! Our duties do occasionally (all the time) overlap though…


Do I really need to keep introducing myself? I’m Fadila. I’m 18. I’m a walking talent incubator who wants to build an empire and start an empowerment-based revolution?

I’m the Miranda Priestly of this place, I am the younger less put together version of her anyway, although; I’m every bit as bossy, bitchy, and unavailable. I’m always proud of my team though and I’m always pushing them (sometimes harshly tbh) to be better and stronger not just as writers but as people too. I am so psyched to be surrounded by such incredible teens who either support me or are helping me level up this platform. Teenntimes is my child, my entire life is devoted to its growth, and so I’m always busy trying something new and failing and trying again. That picture is also a very accurate representation of what my days look like. My life motto is: الفرهدة اسلوب حياة.


Heyy beautiful people! I’m Malak, I’m sixteen, going on seventeen, a sophomore who goes to DEO (Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo), and Teenntimes’ resident Managing Editor!

I can come off as a rather straightforward and strong willed person, but really, from the inside I’m the biggest emotional softie, like, I melt when romantic gesture happens in some movie or when a dog dies. On the other hand, I have an immense amount of confidence in myself and what I say, I always aim to affect whoever is listening positively, no matter the topic. Through this trait I found myself in MUNs, where I furthered my argumentative skills. I’m also a basketball player and understand the value of being a team member really well, because, as I have learned, belonging to a group of people similar to you, who love and support you, gives you strength and confidence. I must sound really sappy right now. Like I said: biggest softie ever. However, I don’t care for stereotypes and I’m against every kind of biased treatment because really everyone deserves to start over and not be judged for past mistakes. That being said, I hope you all have a wonderful life filled with cherishable moments with your loved ones and huge successes!

MENTOR: Rawan Khalil

Hello, my name is Rawan, I am 16 and I live in Kuwait. You may know me from my articles which are literally about all and everything.

I am a random person but I am very passionate about so many topics and I try to channel that passion into my writing as I am also very emotional. An emotional and scandalous person doesn’t make me so convenient, so I was very insecure about my writing and you may be too and I love helping writers find their style and to experiment with their writing to get the most out of it.

Looking forward to getting in touch xo


Hi, I’m Jana, I’m 16 and I like to know the reason for just about everything’s existence.

I love writing but I have more writer’s blocks than I actually write, so I settle for analyzing what I’m reading instead. I’m always reading, no exception. My greatest accomplishments are usually lists, something that surpasses childishness, and anything that could help people. One thing that cures anything I could possibly have is helping people, their favorite habits eventually become mine, if you try to contact me I will most likely reply a month later, and I have a literal goldfish’s memory.


Farida Hatem

I’m Farida , a 16 year old DSB student. If you ask anyone who knows me, they’d say Farida is always dressed to impress.

I love to express myself through my outfits. I’m a very blunt person and I’m not afraid to speak my mind. Some say I’m pessimistic but I prefer to go by realistic. I hate clichés and romantic movies with happy endings. Instead, I have a huge obsession with murder and crime documentaries, makeup, long English words, and correcting people’s grammar – and tea , I’m weirdly obsessed with tea. I’m a very kindhearted person even if I might not seem like it at all. I’m also an anxiety riddled control freak and a complete type 8.

Jana Morsi

Hola, my name is Jana Morsi, I’m almost 16. I go to PIS or Princeton International School, it’s new that’s why you probably never heard of it, I’m a sophomore there.

Now, why am I part of the teentimes editing team? It’s because I’m the grammar person that everyone gets annoyed with (this awarded me by being a part of TT’s editing team). If I have to describe myself I would say I’m a very social person who loves food and hanging out with friends. Also, another trait that probably annoys others, is that I’m very opinionated, but I always go into a discussion with an open mindset. Escape rooms are amazing, so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to be friends, then hmu!
Jana Morsi 💋

Malak Bareh

I’m Malak, a 17 year-old high school senior that struggles with tons of shit in life but never takes anything quite seriously.

I happen to find my passion through reading and writing, they’re like a a door into another dimension where i get to be in a world of my own, one which i could read about or create myself. I’m also obsessed with TV shows, singing, anything that involves makeup and styling and also i love the beach so much it got me convinced i was a mermaid in a past life.
I’m somewhat adventurous_ i don’t mean the jump-off-an-airplane- ride-rollercoasters type of adventurous_ but i’m open to trying anything new and diverse from food and places to extremely different mindsets and ideas . So you can say i’m tolerant towards anything but homophobia, sexism, racism and oppression by all it’s means. I’m also all about self-love, gentleness, and as Harry Styles once said ‘Treating people with kindness’.