Some Very Basic Post-Exam Self Care We All Need to Practice

By: Hana Diab

Stress, burnout, and feeling overwhelmed are valid and easily recollected feelings at hearing the word “exams”. Your brain starts dragging you into remembering the nights you spent cramming a syllabus you were seeing for the first time. Even when you were sometimes indifferent about your examinations, you remember feeling the stress and instant regret creep through your body the second the exam starts, knowing you should have at least focused a little during class. And by the time you finally make it through exam week and crawl out of the dark abyss the exams thrust you into, you forget your mental well-being down there. So, how do we heal from the mental drainage that exams set us into?

We practice self-care.

We yank our emotionally drained selves out of the proverbial grave and revive them. 


To revive that self, start your post-exam week by…sleeping. Forget all your responsibilities and burdens and just give in to your bed. No matter the amount of effort you exerted during the previous week, you deserve to give your body the rest it needs. Snuggle in your sheets, get cozy, and don’t set an alarm. Let your body take all the time it needs to charge its energy tank. 

Fix your sleep schedule

After having the sleep of a lifetime, look forward to fixing your sleep schedule. Thanks to exams, most examinees’ sleep schedules are ruined. And having a stable sleep schedule equals feeling less stressed and more relaxed. However, don’t expect to fix your sleep schedule overnight. Remember that patience is key and start little by little until you achieve your goal.

Hit the gym

Hitting the gym is probably one of the best ways to cure your post-exam mental drainage. You might need to push yourself at first, but once you get the hang of it, you might never want to stop exercising ever. Hitting the gym is just as addictive as hitting drugs–they both leave you feeling euphoric– their only difference is that hitting the gym is truly good for your health (mentally and physically).  

Think positively

The way you feel is always reflected in your perspective on the world and how you view things. If you always see the bad and think negatively, you’ll always feel blue. However, if you never want to feel a shade of blue, become more optimistic and put yourself into a positive state of mind. Even when life encumbers you, never give up. There is no shame in falling once or twice. View the mistakes you have made as lessons promoting you to develop yourself as a person. 

Spend time with friends

Emotions are contagious, and because of that, you need to distance yourself from those who radiate negative energy. Don’t admit into your life people other than those who radiate positive energy and make you happy. Your mental well-being is your priority, don’t besiege it with toxic, negative people that will deteriorate it.


Meditations come in all shapes and forms. But you can always start simple: sit alone in a room, turn on soft music, close your eyes, and think of the people you love. Think of the good things that life has to offer and think of your blessings. Meditating calms you and puts you at peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and overall health. I would also suggest breathing exercises, as they actually help you let go of some anxieties. 

Practicing self-care isn’t just some temporary thing you do to treat your mental health after circumstances like exams that drain it. Practicing self-care should be part of your daily routine. So, what are you waiting for? Start your self-care routine starting from now!

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