8 Colors We’re Using to Bring Some Life to Our Makeup Looks in Honor of Spring

By: Hana Diab

It’s that time of the year again where flowers bloom, animals wake up from hibernation, the weather starts getting warmer…and Hana gets nasal congestion and sneezes every five seconds. I, with a stuffy nose, love spring. It’s the season where everything turns from being gloomy and cold to colorful and warm. And with all the vibrant colors come along innovative makeup looks that never fail to impress me. And because this spring will be all about being bold and extraordinary, here are eight spring colors makeup looks that will revive the fearless, bad B in you.

  1. GREEN

             photo via Instagram @isabelleikpeme

Ah yes, green, the color of nature, is just perfect to add to your spring palate. This look may be simple but the focus you’ll need to accomplish the eye look is REAL. Aside from that; the highlighter, blush, gloss, and contour are easy to apply.


Photo via Instagram @paulineschmitz1

If you can’t wing your liner, resort to rhinestones–specifically blue ones. Enliven the look by applying blue mascara and you’re done!


Photo via Instagram @babenexttdoor

Butterflies are abundant during spring, so why not draw a yellow one to spice up your makeup look? Butterfly-wing looks are so pretty and trendy this spring, they have to be on everyone’s spring makeup list.

4) RED

            Photo via Pinterest 

If you want to be bold BOLD, red is your go-to color. Everyone knows that red= bold; so go buy that red eyeliner and wing it! 


Photo via pinterest @WeHeartIt

Orange, in my opinion, is one of the hardest shades to play around with when applying makeup. It either turns out looking like you haven’t slept in two days or it turns out looking flawless, there is no in-between. To avoid the former, you’ll need to find a shade of orange with good pigmentation that would match your skin tone. 


Photo via pinterest @WeHeartIt

Pink is such a pretty and delicate color that’s perfect for spring. Wing your liner, apply pink eyeshadow and lipstick, and add nothing more. Simple and delicate yet daring.


          photo via Instagram @dojacat

I had to include our bold queen Doja Cat in this list. The effort put into this eye look is pretty impressive. The purple liner and nude circles?? *chef’s kiss*. Even though this eye look may take some time to execute, it’s definitely worth the try!


Photo via Pinterest 

If you don’t like adding color to your makeup, go for a colorless look that will still bring the bad B in you. Finish off the look by using the soap technique on your brows and top it all off by adding matte red lipstick and you’re great to go!

 So, what are you waiting for? Life is too short to apply boring, bland makeup. Step out of your comfort zone, experiment with new techniques, and use daring colors!

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