6 of Our Ramadan Dessert Predictions (and Some Ideas)

By: Salma and Farouhita

Ramadan Mubarak lovelies!! We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely beyond excited for this year’s holy month. Since we had to spend the last one in quarantine, and this time we won’t, hopefully, hanekhrebha ba! 

The special thing about Ramadan this year is that it’s coming around the same time as Easter and Sham ElNessim, and since we as arabs celebrate each holiday/event with food, we’re expecting some very interesting combos to come out of mama’s kitchen. Da el chef ElSherbiny hayhayas elsanadi. Here is a list of crazy predictions we have for this year, we promise we thought of these while sober..

  1. Ramadan sweets X Feseekh/Renga

Imagine a plate of feseekh served at Iftar, with some green onions and bread, yetballa3o with a cup of Tamr Hendi or Karkade. And at suhoor, you decide to just devour those leftovers, not caring about how thirsty they’re gonna make you the next day. I can already smell, ehem, I mean tell how it’s gonna be.

We’re already starting to see some bizarre recipes coming our way: Konafa bel Renga? What? 

Taking shrimp konafa to a whole new level. Just wait for the atayef and basboosas coming ahead.

  1. Bunny themed food

Think of a bunny shaped konafa with chocolate and nuts, maybe even a bunny shaped fanous. It would be so cool and weird at the same time. La w netkhane’ 3ala who gets to eat the bunny’s ears and tail. Etoile take notes please!

  1. Chocolate eggs with konafa as a nest

Just.. picture it. Instead of filling kunafa rolls with pistachio and/or nuts and honey, we put tiny chocolate filled eggs. Especially that it would look extremely realistic with the kunafa’s texture.

It would look eggstatic, get it? Ahaaaaaaahahah. Asfa, let’s move on

Shoutout to Hana Amr from twitter for suggesting the “Corona Kunafa”, you’re onto something babe.

  1. Salted sweets

Concept el molooha is essential in every case, so we think new salted sweets that aren’t too much 3ak would be offered. Maybe kunafa with salted caramel? Maybe a new drink to down at Iftar? Etc.

  1. Atayef with ferakh

Maho talama shofna Kunafa bel kebda, akid hanla2i atayef bel ferakh (since we’ve seen kunafa with kebda, we must find atayef with chicken) at some point, we ARE seeing the appeal behind this one though.

And lastly, this shit right there. (Please don’t take it seriously we’re joking abous edeiko hanroo7 fiha)

  1. Kunafa with “pistachio”

One week before Ramadan, a halawani was arrested for making this new unique desert, we’re not really sure why though :p

Comment your theories down below, we’d love to hear all about them! Unfortunately, you won’t find this in mama’s kitchen, only special kinds of friends can make this for you. Taking edibles to a whole new level. Don’t forget to say bismillah before taking a bite and you’ll be fine.

In conclusion, get into Ramadan with a positive open mind, and a bottle of Advil and Antinal on the side, just in case.

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