7 Tips to Help You Bring Back the Butterflies in Your Relationship

By: Neda Ahmed

Texting, calling, the occasional casual date and that’s it. Maybe all of this is tremendously fun because spending time with your partner is bound to be enjoyable, but this will get old. If this article caught your attention, then you probably know that. I’m presenting you with the ultimate list of ways to revive the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

ONE: New rituals

Meaning, if you usually talk in the morning, shift it around a bit. If all of your outings are always in one place or area, maybe a different area would be the change you’re looking for. Try new things together and convey inside traditions. For instance, try new ice cream shops and flavors every time you go out; make your partner order for you and vice versa; take your partner out to a surprising place for a bit of suspense. There’s nothing such as too cheesy or too cringey-it’s literally your relationship. If you both are okay with it, these snarky expressions can go to hell.

TWO: Game together

This isn’t for everyone, but if one partner is a die-hard gamer, it won’t hurt to play with them and see the world they like to lose themselves to. Roblox, Among Us, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Pubg-all of these are games that you can play together.

THREE: Change your dates around

If all of your dates are casual dates, maybe it’s time to dress up a bit. This, trust me, will make it exciting. Dress up and go to a nice place. By the way, niCe places do not have to drain your wallets at all. You’re entitled to your own definitions of nice places. For all anyone cares, you can dress up and take a walk down an old neighborhood. You can do picnics or escape rooms or paintball or do a cooking/art class, the possibilities are endless, here are some ideas we’ve come up with before.

FOUR: Read together

If one of you enjoys books, then this space is worth exploring. Virtually or live, pick a book up and react to it together. Maybe go to a quiet cafe or a public library and lose yourself in the world of literature. You can choose different books and just sit together, bask in the silence or soft music and each other’s company. Or, you can both pick one novel and cuddle with it, whichever of you reading out loud to the other, pausing to ask questions, or just banter. Intellectual stimulation can go a long way to helping you remember why or how you were first attracted to each other. Brains are sexy, guys. 

FIVE: Netflix parties

Watch that one rom-com you never got around to watching together. Whether this ‘together’ is physical or virtual, I can guarantee your enjoyment.

SIX: Space

You should value your personal space as much as you value your relationship. Distance yourself a day or two, find yourself, and come back fresh. This doesn’t have to be done out of anger at all; if anything, it’s an act of self-love and appreciation for your partner. Whether you or your partner are taking some time off, respect to that concept should be present and unwavering. As a plus, keeping your distance for a few days would make you miss each other a bit and would give you a tonne of new things to talk about. Distance can make the heart grow fonder. 

SEVEN: Talk about these feelings

Expressing yourself is important and I can’t stress that enough. Tell your partner that the days have been feeling the same and you don’t want to get boring. Work out a solution together. At the end of the day, a relationship is 50-50 and the burden of bringing the butterflies and the highs isn’t your job only. Communication is so damn important, guys. 

 I wish you all happiness and a hell of a lot of butterflies.

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