The Edgy 13 Year-Old Starter Pack (A Throwback to the 2010s)

By: Zeina El Mofty

Hello and welcome to today’s embarrassing journey, a trip around and into the mindset of 13 year-old Zeina Elmofty (and no I’m not making this about me, 13 year-old Zeina is most probably 13 year-old you too).

This journey consists of several stops, each as embarrassing as the one prior.

The Wardrobe

First you need to find yourself a T-Shirt, literally any T-shirt (a bonus point if it has a print on it). Done? Awesome. Now throw on a pair of plain black leggings (because printed ones are so last season haha fml). Make sure that the shirt is long enough because you are con-ser-va-tive, or you used to be at least. A cross bag? Most probably. And finally, a splash of the “She” you’ve got as a birthday present for 3 consecutive years.

Now to spice things up with some accessories baby. A mint blue ICE-WATCH because we’re already over silly bands, a black choker bc you’re a bad b**** and ready to go slay the day!

Fel nady ehm ehm.

(Oh god, there were also the colored skinny jeans and the equally colored plaid shirts, ugh. Skull shirts and frilly pink things were also in, I think. Also, the flower crowns. The list could go on forever….thank god it’s over)

The Social Life

You were either a cool kid, one of them people who used to feed on the imported sour candies all the time (even though you didn’t really like it), or you were a Zeina. In that case, I feel sorry for you. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that bad, it was just pretty lame. Walking around the club, unless you were already at the “I go to cafes” phase already. Snacking 24/7, being extra loud, and recognising a damn whole lot of people you only know from social media but never got to talk to before at least 3 years later. Oh and did I forget pictures? If you’re thinking that I would attach a pic of my 13 year old self to give you the whole experience, you are absolutely wrong. A hint though: My eyebrows were so bushy they were triple the thickness they are now. Don’t get me started on the poses…or the selfies… But in honor of these pictures, let’s move onto the next station.

The Social Media

We’ve moved on, gladly, from Samsung Corbies and all the BlackBerry PINGS!!! Now most of us have Iphones, and that has allowed us to embarrassingly embrace ourselves a little too much on social media. From #InstaLove tags on Retrica pictures to the “yaaaas sista” comments to the anonymous este3bat, this is a time that I do NOT want to remember. *Pouty face, Peace Sign*

*Creates a One Direction Fan-page*

The Mindset

Dun dun dun.

We’ve all gone through a hormonal roller coaster, most probably around this time so whatever was going on with you back then, it’s understandable. Personally, I was weirded out by everyone, and I was also weird in general. Most of the people around me were wanna-be grown ups, and I couldn’t wrap my head around actually growing up. They were ahead in the timeline, more than they “should’ve” been, and I was behind, also more than I “should’ve” been. We were all going through a phase that’s not really understood, but that’s fine. So, mindset? It was still in the making.

(We’re not opening the discussion on the screaming matches with the parents because those were a novelty. Or dating for the first time (if we can call it dating). Or the mess that was finally going out without parental supervision. And many many other things…ehem)

And that’s it

The journey is over. Long story short, we were all awkward. But hey, at least we have something to look back and laugh about. 

One thought on “The Edgy 13 Year-Old Starter Pack (A Throwback to the 2010s)

  1. This sent me back to 2013, I was very tempted to make a “What’s 9+10? 21” joke but I’ll refrain myself from doing so 😂


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