13 Arab Youth on Tiktok So Lit, We’re Half In Love With Them

By: Rawan Khalil

I have recently downloaded tiktok, and well, I was very quickly sucked into the addicting amusement spiral which means multiple late nights laying in bed, scrolling through videos, and trying to not drop my phone on my face and then realising it has been three hours. It also means sending 50 tiktoks to my sister and begging her to open our chat to watch them. But, also my brain couldn’t resist the urge to compile a list of my favourite young Arab tik-tokers. So, here are 13 funny, entertaining, and creative Arabs who have captivated me and will probably captivate you as well. If any of the people on the list read this- can we be friends? 

Okay, let’s get this party started.

@wahabooo // Tiktok | Instagram

Are we talking about range? Because this guy, he’s got range – like, mad range. I am talking dance videos, hilarious lip-sync videos, cooking videos (which are really nice – I mean y’all go and try mac and cheese with Cheetos then let’s come and have this conversation) and art videos. Range. Period. He’s so badass, I mean, my man dyed his hair with food colouring. This 19-year-old Kuwaiti will bless your tiktok trust me on this. Also, sir if you see this, I am in love with your fashion sense and hair- long, short and every colour variant.  

@keemokazi // Tiktok | Instagram

Kareem is a 17-year-old with Syrian origins who currently lives in California. He’s definitely a crackhead and well being a fellow crackhead; I am in love with his tiktoks. He’s a recording artist but uses tiktok as a platform to prank his entire family. I am talking about a snake in the toilet, a cake which is actually a water balloon and a crap tonne of broken cups and water splashed everywhere. This features his sisters who are often unimpressed and pissed off (he has the cutest sisters ever), his mum who always throws a “Yil3an Abook” after a prank, and rarely his dad because he usually figures them out. Go give Kareem a follow, and trust me you’ll be laughing for hours your stomach will hurt and your eyes will water.

@njm.73 // Tiktok | Instagram

She is a 19-year-old living in Jeddah so I am assuming she is Saudi Arabian but I might be wrong. She has such a cute edgy vibe which is an amazing combination, and I am here for it. I am obsessed with her hair, piercing, and account. She sometimes makes song covers, makeup videos, and some relatable/funny tiktoks. Also, some reactions/duets with people who draw fanart and it’s honestly super cute. It’s a nice variety. Her outfits are fire. And, she has the voice of an angel. 

@mayuhnaise // Tiktok | Instagram

Maya is the embodiment of badass. She is an 18-year-old with Palestinian and Lebanese parents but she’s born and raised in America. She frequently posts storytimes which – let’s face it – are so enjoyable to watch/listen to. Not just that but she also rants. And, let me just tell you when she does she spits facts, like when she talked about how body count doesn’t mean shit. Just pure facts. Also, she is as obsessed with Harry Styles so yes you can imagine a lot of content fangirling. The fangirl in me is just squealing. Can you hear that? Also, she has confidence for days, and the best personality ever. We stan a queen.

@bigb00dynaughtia // Tiktok | Instagram

Let’s talk about an entertaining, funny powerhouse. Nadia has just entered the chat and yes, that’s applause you hear. Nadia is an 18-year-old Egyptian-Moroccan who’s in love with Arabic music, so yes expect a lot of dancing and lip-syncing. But, not just that, food videos, and so many videos starring her mum. Mums are ruling some tiktok accounts and we are lowkey loving it. Also, Nadia switches up super quickly between Morrocan, Egyptian and English so your brain might have a mini “what just happened?” at some point. She’s so cool.

@osama.alnaser // Tiktok | Instagram

Here is a fellow Gemini. Sorry, excuse me I love Geminis being one myself. Osama is a 21-year-old Jordanian who has blessed my soul, I mean his account is full with absolutely hilarious POV and commentary videos. Yes, more content to make you laugh until your stomach hurts, and you’re incapable of actually physically laughing anymore – maybe it’s just me. Also, this man is hella smooth with his dance moves. Get ready to melt.

@islamthemuslim // Tiktok | Instagram

Isalm (i.e CEO 🇪🇬 according to his Instagram bio)  is a 20-year-old Egyptian who creates insanely relatable videos about growing up Arab and Muslim. Prep yourself because you’re about to be called out big time, but you’ll also laugh a lot. I went through his feed sharing half the videos with my sister. Oops, sorry not sorry. His tiktoks feature a lot of “Yalahwiii”. An absolute mood. Also, Islam if you see this I don’t like falafel too.  

@rahouf_alenzi // Tiktok | Instagram

This 16-year-old Kuwaiti is a super talented actress blessed with such a beautiful voice. Talk about multiple talents. She films the cutest dance videos, and many really funny lip-sync videos. Go check Rahaf out for entertaining and oddly satisfying content, and excuse me while I go stalk her again. Also, I forgot to mention but she’s super stylish. She can rock every style. Legit, no joke. Every. Style.

@rexchuotomush // Tiktok | Instagram

Tala is a 19 year old Palestinian American and also an absolute cutie (excuse my fangirling) and a weeb. She is a major anime fan so yes expect anime recommendations, K-pop references, and cute videos on how she styles Kawaii fashion modestly. But also dance videos, trends and sometimes funny videos too. Her mum is sometimes featured in her videos and they’re a hella adorable pair. My favourite videos are those about Arab weddings – too goddamn real.

@pizza_abe // Tiktok |Instagram

Can we talk about wit and sense of humor? Because Ibrahim is here ladies and gentlemen, and he’s not here to play. Ibrahim is a 20-year-old Iraqi. He cracks jokes left and right, many of which are Arab jokes. So, grab yourself shawarma, pull up a chair, and then open his account the next time you’re bored and want to laugh a bit, or more than a bit. Also, can we please give him the cutest smile award? Ugh.

@mayanelsayed // Tiktok | Instagram

Mayan is an angel. But, also a 22-year-old Egyptian actress who I am totally in love with. Mayan stole the lights on tiktok with a couple of videos where she lip-syncs scenes from Egyptian films and tv shows, as well as amazing dance videos. Please, bless us with more videos, queen? PS, she’s woke too, ok? She’s too good, we don’t deserve her.

@ginaiscracked // Tiktok | Instagram

Gina is my spirit animal. I love her so much. She has a contagiously amazing personality. She is a 21-year old Palestinian crackhead or a cracked egg- whatever floats your boat. She is super funny; I absolutely love the: “don’t take Arabs to the beach videos”. Yes, my parents would do the same shit everywhere. Also, dance skills like damn ma’am you’re smooth

@wadomy_al7 // Tiktok | Instagram

Do you need a reason to smile? Wadima gives you multiple. This 13-year-old Emarati is bound to draw a smile on your face with her dance tiktoks. The positivity is in the air. You can also take a minute to check out her youtube channel for all types of videos.


Rawan x

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