9 TV Show Couples Offering a Rare Example of a Healthy(-ish) Relationship

By: Zaynab

I’ve honestly been wanting to write this article since I first joined the team almost a year ago, I feel like I’ve been given license to fangirl about my favorite ships-just as long as they’re a healthy couple. We don’t romanticize toxicity around here, so I won’t include couples like Chuck and Blair, for example, no matter how iconic that train station scene was, or how pretty Blair’s dress was, or the fact that Chuck Bass was in suspenders. We know that the media portrays a lot of relationships, and very rarely do we find a good(-ish) example of what one should aspire to have. So, here’s a list of some of the best TV show couples, who are still flawed of course, but are still admirable in a way (compared to most of what we see). Enjoy, I know I will.

  1. Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf

They’re my OTP, so they get to be the first on the list. I think the best thing about them is that their relationship was such a slowburn. It took six seasons for them to finally end up together. They both developed so much. Stiles’ crush on Lydia, which had been going on since the third grade and resulted in a ten-turned fifteen-year plan, had grown into respect and actual love when he finally stopped putting her on a pedestal. Lydia finally stopped pretending to be a nitwit and grew into herself, becoming friends with Stiles and eventually falling in love with him-she started realizing this in the locker scene, fight me. Also, get you an OTP who constantly risks their lives for each other-Eichen House, the Glen Capri, no? Why? Because if she died, he’d go out of his freakin’ mind. Also, he’d search the whole school all night if he had to in order to make her feel better. Moreover, he held his breath, and thought what she did was really smart. He didn’t comment on her beauty, but her intelligence, what truly drew him in. “Remember I love you,” he said. She won’t forget him. She thinks she loved him. Yes, I am far from okay. Alright, I have to stop or I’ll just keep going.

  1. Monica Geller and Chandler Bing, Friends

Forget lobsters, those two were soulmates, and friends. Personally, I could see their relationship coming since the episode where Ben was born, when Chandler notices how much Monica wants to be a mom and comforts her. They’re the perfect combination, the sarcastic cutie and high maintenance beauty. And the proposal? Iconic. They both helped each other grow so much-Monica helped Chandler to commit, and Chandler helped her to let loose a little. One more thing: Chandler’s speech to Erica still brings tears to my eyes. Get yourself a spouse who loves you like that. 

  1. Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, Boy Meets World

The very definition of highschool sweethearts. Theirs is the love story everyone dreams of having. They even have a regular third wheel, everyone’s favorite troublemaker (and the other love of Cory’s life) Shawn Hunter. If Cory had to dream up the perfect woman, she wouldn’t even come close to Topanga. They’ve pretty much overcome every obstacle that was thrown their way, even the Ski Lodge. They make each other feel like they can do anything. They even went on to have Riley and August Matthews.

  1. Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin, How I Met Your Mother

Marshmallow and Lilypad met in college and have been in love ever since. They are so open with each other, and have had their fair share of problems, but they’ve worked through them, as a team. Some would argue that they’ve got their own third wheel, but I think cumin goes just fine with salt and pepper. And honestly, their pause unpause rule for arguments should be used in real life.

  1. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, Full(er) House

“Have mercy!” I had to, alright? They’re both stubborn as all hell, but in the end of the day they’re perfect for each other. They always supported each other’s dreams, and helped take care of the girls and loved their twins just fine. They’ve even adopted a baby recently, they’re adorable, really.

  1. Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, the Office

Aside from the fact that everyone in the office was so invested in their relationship, they are so pure. The mutual respect that they have for each other is so refreshing to see. Jim respected her decisions enough not to try to get involved when she was with Roy (who was so obviously wrong for her, as if a three year engagement wasn’t enough of a tell), and she didn’t try to break him up from Karen. And, honestly, a couple that pranks Dwight together, stays together.

  1. Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Peraltiago gives me life. The development of their relationship comes with the development of the characters themselves. From the bet to Jake starting to realize that he wished something would happen between them (romantic styles) to Amy starting to return those feelings. While all that is happening, Jake is starting to learn responsibility thanks to the 99 and Captain Holt, and Amy is starting to loosen up. The Halloween Heists are all amazing, but the proposal was one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen. Charles fainting basically represented the entire fandom.

  1. Marwan and Layla, Kaeno Embareh

Regardless of my current obsession with Khaled Anwar’s work-that guy’s going places, I’m telling y’all-I love that couple so much. They’re both in their last years of college. They’re both fairly intelligent and fun, kind people. The main difference between them? Their social class. Layla’s aunt works for Marwan’s family, and practically raised him and his sister. Layla works for Arwa’s family. You can feel the chemistry between Khaled and Mayan – it’s no surprise rumors of an engagement spread so quickly after the series, really. The pairing itself is so refreshing to see in Egyptian media, if only for the sole fact that Marwan chooses to stand up to the stuck up jerks that are his neighbors and relatives if it means he ends up with the girl he loves and shares a true connection with. He’s fighting his father and he’s willing to do it again to stay with her. “Ya3ny 3omrak mahategra7ny wala hatsebny” that line actually made me laugh, because it reeks of the naivety present in their relationship, despite making them all the more pure to an extent-you can’t fall in love without being hurt. It’s a risk, and you choose whether it outweighs the benefits. So, Marwan ended up hurting Layla so he could do the right thing for once in his-albeit privileged- life (despite the whole Ali scenario) and marry Arwa-ironically, I think that character development is owed to Layla, who made him want to be the person he had the potential to be, and as soon as he could, he went back and asked for her hand in marriage.

9. Adam and Farah, Leh Laa

Okay, so they’re a simple, cute couple. Both are feminists, which is amazing, and once again refreshing to see on Egyptian media. Their easygoing chemistry is charming to say the least, lay2een 3ala ba3d awi.

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