Your Summer ‘20 Styling Tips from Our Fav Arab Stylists and Bloggers

By: Zeina El Bakry

Summer, our days are longer, our nights are shorter, and our outfits are snazzier. It’s no secret that fashion is notorious for always repeating itself, this summer we’ve seen a reemergence of many trends like floppy hats, crochet and tube tops, which mainly prevailed during the 70s. Using some of our favorite Arab stylists and bloggers, we’ve broken down our favourite trending styling tips that will ensure you spend your summer in style! 

1. Styling your hair 

A problem many of us face while vacationing is frizzy hair because on humid summer days your hair can absorb the water vapor in the air and cause your cuticles to swell. However, lucky for us many of our favorite stylists and bloggers have given us an easy solution; wearing a hat. With the arrival of so many wearable and trendy hats, we are sure you’ll find the right one for you! We’ve seen so many social media moguls rocking all kinds of hats, which made us realize you don’t even need to be experiencing frizzy hair to style your outfit with a hat. Believe it or not, in 2020 hats are used for more than covering up a bad hair day, in fact, they have even been a key accessory for styling outfits for some of the biggest labels in fashion week. From floppy hats, berets, bucket hats, and cowboy hats take a look at how these trendsetters are styling their outfits. 

Falmomen and Elsa Kahwaji, confirm that whether it’s a big floppy hat worn while running errands or a straw fedora styled with your favorite swimsuit, you can transform a simple outfit to a more playful and chicer ensemble. 

Laila Ezzat, the ultimate gen z style icon, proves that being bold and mixing patterns is still a possibility with the use of a subtle accessory like her bucket hat.

2. Polish any outfit with these heels

It’s evident to anyone who scrolls through Instagram that ankle wrapped heels have made an appearance on so many pages, we have noticed that many of our favorite models, bloggers and stylists have been wearing these trendy shoes. Heels may not be for everyone, however, you should know that these heels are actually a more practical option than regular heels since the added feature of the straps allows you to feel more stable and gives you a snug feel. So whether you’re meeting your friends to dance the night away or you’re heading out for a family gathering, these heels will not only make you feel more comfortable than stilettos but will also bring an extra sense of finesse and flair to your outfit. 

The Lebanese based TV presenter and blogger, Renee Farah, can often be spotted wearing these ankle wrapped heels and has clearly mastered how to effortlessly pair them. In the image shown, she matches the heels with a plain white turtleneck and a yellow skirt for a pop of color. 

However, for those of you who like to dress more casual-chic, these heels will look just as good on you with your favorite pair of pants. 

3. Add a statement piece belt and make your outfit far more noticeable 

If there is one thing we’ve learned from our favorite fashionistas it’s that; no matter how simple your outfit can be, just adding one statement piece can transform the entire outfit to appear more tasteful and attractive. Dalal Al Doub, a fashion blogger based in Kuwait, is often praised for the effortless way she styles her outfits with belts. Her ability to take a simple all black outfit and make it look chic and modish with a statement piece belt proves that you don’t need luxury items to stand out; just one striking accessory that puts everything together. 

Here are a few ways she styles her outfits with belts: 

4. Use glasses as a statement piece to bring your outfit together 

Another example of a blogger using a statement piece is the Egyptian celebrity stylist Maya Haddad and her use of eye-catching sunglasses. From bigger frames, pointy frames and glasses with polka dots, Maya switches up her eyewear to add a distinctive and trendy feature to every outfit she wears. 

We have also noticed one of our fav actresses, Jamila Awad, rocking so many different pairs of glasses (including the trendy flame-shaped ones!). So, no matter what your style is, there is definitely a pair of glasses out there that will protect your eyes from the summer sun and make your outfit so much snazzier. 

5. Find the perfect summer bag and incorporate it in all your outfits 

It’s true, behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag. Many girls are used to wearing handbags to safely carry belongings, whether it’s a phone, charger, a tube of lipstick, a pack of gum, etc. However, handbags can also serve as an indicator of style and express an outstanding statement about the wearer. With so many options, (like cross bags, pouches, woven bags, wristlet bags, etc.), it’s hard to choose which bag to wear.

With the help of stylist Ghada Bahaa, we’ve added beaded bags to our summer ‘20 Wishlist. A popular local Egyptian brand – founded by 20 year-old Halla Emara – we’ve noted for selling theses beaded bags is Kato, from the wide variety of bag shapes and colors they offer, the spirit of their brand always displays elements of elegance and freshness. 19-year-old Egypt-based stylist, Taya Bakhoum, has even featured on her page multiple ways she styles her Kato bags. Her posts prove that even if you’re running late and quickly threw on a dress or you’re wearing a blazer for a meeting, a beaded bag is enough to add the extra pizzazz your outfit needs. So before heading out this summer, make sure to style your outfit with a bag that will enhance your look! 

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