Why Everyone Needs to Follow Nour Emam aka @ThisIsMotherBeing

By: Rawan Khalil

Sometime around February a couple of the people I follow shared this IGTV video about the cervix, and as a person who’s fascinated by the female body and how it changes I was drawn in so there I was watching my first of many videos by Nour Emam. I sat there captivated by her simple yet extremely informative video, and I was definitely beyond intrigued to know who is this woman? Well, allow me to introduce you to Nour Emam, the woman behind @thisismotherbeing, an account you probably should be following. 

Nour is a 28-year-old originally a musician, but currently, she is a Pregnancy and Birth Maternal Support Practitioner (MSP) or a doula. She is trained in Maternal health support. She coaches women throughout their pregnancy to help them have the most positive experience possible, and so they could be as informed as possible. 

You’re probably wondering, why am I asking you- a teenager- to check out this page? 

Well, I have multiple reasons, aside from the fact that Nour is an absolute cutie. (Sorry, I am just constantly fangirling on how much I love her page) I have been brainstorming for almost a week, if not more, on how I should approach this article. I sure as hell wanted to do it justice. Where should I start? And, well after brainstorming it became a question of would I be able to stop ranting about how much I love @thisismotherbeing. Well, let me try. 

So, without further ado here are 6 reasons you should spend the next hour or two or stalking @thisismotherbeing and then following her:


Nour creates so many super informative videos and posts. I found myself screenshotting the posts from her account and sending them to my A2 biology class on WhatsApp, or my friends, because quite frankly they’re things we’ve never learned about. The posts which most struck me were the menstrual pills IGTV where she explains how they’re marketed as medication which regulates our period, but the reality is they stop them altogether. And, the second is the delayed cord clamping post, and for some reason I find myself going back to read that one. 

Her posts are well worded, and as of right now she is typing them up in both English and Arabic. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll learn a lot. Especially on Tuesdays as she normally has those Q&A Tuesdays on her story where she answers a lot of questions about an array of different topics.

She also offers a Periods | Mastering Your Cycle class which I am dying to attend (hopefully soon!). She also offers a birth crash course class for parents who are either trying to have a baby, or are expecting. 

Review of the Periods | Mastering Your Cycle class


@Thisismotherbeing is centered around pregnancy and birth, so naturally, there is a lot of talk about the female body. It’s primarily about pregnancy, but it also about women; acknowledging our struggles, our bodies, and our differences which is super empowering. It’s incredible because Nour doesn’t shy away from the stigmatized topics and the more difficult conversations. She encourages women to explore and understand their bodies while bringing awareness to topics that so many people have little to no knowledge of.


On the topic of difficult conversations, this page is uncomfortable first. It’s supposed to make the more uncomfortable topics more comfortable. It’s almost like a spectrum and you’re moving down that spectrum through reading and learning, and slowly you’re more comfortable with those topics. It’s a beautiful learning curve. The first time there was a post of a woman giving birth, I remember my body tensing up. However, it’s not only the visuals but it’s also the content. The conversations. So, go in knowing that not everything you’ll read and listen to will be easy to take in at first.


Nour spoke about her personal experiences multiple times. She spoke about why and how she became a MPS, her struggle with postpartum depression, and one of my all-time favourite videos of hers where she gave a message to her 18-year-old self. This makes @thisismotherbeing 100% more authentic. It is so real, relatable, and genuine. 


Nour is very vocal, and when the whole ABZ case happened she made a video expressing her feelings towards the issue. It has nothing to do with pregnancy and birth, but it’s about being a woman in Egypt, it’s about her using her platform not because she has to, but because she felt the need to as a woman. That was applaudable, and hell the video made me cry but I cry a lot so not the point here. 


If you want to have kids in the future this is a great haven with a plethora of information which you have full access to, and maybe one thing will stick with you, and have you go: “Oh, I wanna do that when I am giving birth.” This includes talks about birth positions, circumcision, delayed cord clamping, water birth and so much more. I am not saying sit and make notes, but some things really stick in the back of your head. You aren’t losing anything by reading a post on instagram!

I mean you never know.

I hope I did this incredible woman justice.


Rawan x

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