How to Keep Yourself and Your Girl Friends Safe in the Streets

By: Fadila

We’re at the start of a revolution, a revolution for women, by women. Time’s up, we’re coming for our oppressors. However, one cannot deny that this movement needs to keep going for it to work, and even if we change the law, there will still be men who are more pigs than men terrorizing the streets. I am in no way taking away from our own power, just giving a small reality check. No matter how strong the currents of change are, we cannot change everyone. So, we empower ourselves and put defenses up to keep ourselves safe from those rodents. Yes, rodents. Here’re a couple of ideas we can all use to keep ourselves and our girl gang safe.

ZERO: Self-defense is def an option but like, not everyone is about that life, even if it is important af, so here’s a list of digital things:

ONE: Live Location is your bestfriend

If you are going out, alone or with a group of friends, share your live location. If you’re in an uber, share your live location with your mom or sister or bestie. If you’re going to meet some new guy for a first date, share your live location with your mom or sister or bestie. If you’re walking down the street with a friends (male or female), be sure to have your live location shared with your mom or sister or bestie. Whenever you’re out of your house, you better have your live location shared with a person you trust.

TWO: Pepper Spray the rodent

DIY pepper spray needs to be in every single bag you own, hell, if you can attach it to your jean loops, even better. Leave a bottle in every bag so you can never not have it on you. How do you make DIY pepper spray? Some powdered chili and black peppers mixed with water and a small container (ie a tiny ex-perfume bottle masalan you can find some brand new plastic ones at Miniso)

THREE: Your phone is a weapon

The rodents hate the cameras, if you want one of them scared, hold up your phone and record him. Record the act for real though so even if he is not scared away, you have enough evidence to lock the rodent up. It is a scare tactic however, so it will not always work, but it worked for a lot of girls I know. They’re terrified of being exposed and brought to justice.

FOUR: 500, but for trouble

Y’all know how we use code ‘500’ to alert eachother that we’ve been jumped by our parents or that we can’t talk because we’re next to our parents or whatever? Let’s create a verbal code using the same pattern as ‘500’ but make it ‘700’ for example. So it’s easy to remember, use, and be understood. If a person uses ‘700’ you immediately rush to their aid. They don’t need to say they’ve been harassed or that they’re scared, you take in a deep breath and immediately call the National Council for Women, alert their therapist or a therapist, all while talking your friend down from the anxiety she must be feeling.

FIVE: Pre-record voicenotes

Have your bestfriend record a voice note of them fake crying and asking for help if you need to get out of an uncomfortable situation with a person you know (a friend who is not-quite-a-friend demanding you go sit in their car masalan), play that recording to your ear but put it on loud so you have an excuse to get out. Better yet, ask your mom or dad to record a voice note screaming at you about punishment and coming home and emergencies and other scary parent things to get out of similar situations. I’m personally doing that with my parents, so I got audio files to play when I need to get out ASAP.

SIX: Emergency emoji on the group chat

Every girl shella has a group chat, yes? Use an emoji that y’all don’t usually use as a code for “i’m in trouble” or “i feel uncomfortable” if you can’t get on the phone with any of them. Shoot that one emoji to the chat, it won’t even take a second. That will spur them into action.

SEVEN: The NCW hotline

Keep the national council for women’s hotline on speed dial (15115).

DM me @fadilakhaled with anymore suggestions so I can add them to this guide and help all of us stay safe!

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