Thinking About Going Vegetarian/Vegan? Here’s Everything You Need to Prepare For

By: Hanya

Here’s a brief about my story, I’ve never indulged in food, especially meat. My Mamma would low-key threaten me to eat a piece of chicken not the broccoli. With that being said, I’ve been pollotarian for as long as I can remember, vegetarian since I was 12, and I’m currently an 80/20 vegan. But I also understand that this is not necessarily everyone’s case and you may question transitioning a lot. So, here’s everything you (may or may not) need to think of before going vegetarian/vegan.

Social Problems,

Okay, it’s been around 3 months since we’ve really had a proper social life, but we’ll come around. I think having everyone come at you as if they’re all suddenly health coaches and dieticians is the worst thing that happens to me on a daily basis. It’s more often than not rude, offensive, and insanely unsolicited of course. Yet you’re going to have to work with it. You’ll listen to tonnes of comments running around that aren’t necessarily addressed to you, but you’ll also be asked ignorant questions. Hold back your urge to punch the person in the face and leave because unfortunately they are in fact ignorant about all things vegan. Take a breath and vaguely answer they’re questions. You’ll get used to it. 


Ashan ehna masreyeen, azayem betegry fi damena and curse you if you even think of missing one. It’s gonna be uncomfortable and maybe even irritating because you are in fact hungry. Besides the awkwardness of having to explain to your hosts that the food looks amazing but you just won’t eat it because it’s not a part of your diet. Make sure you have something to eat there if you can, and if not then make sure you eat beforehand. You can also prepare a dish and take it with you. 


You may just be the only vegan in the household and they won’t even support you but even if that’s not the case, veganism is all about wellness and health so you’re going to find yourself in the kitchen more. Unless your mom makes rozz w kosa religiously, you’ll be making your own food. Try to fall into meal prepping, it’s a bliss. 

Research and Reading,

Reading and researching are going to end up being daily habits. Whether you want to understand more reasons as to why this is a healthier lifestyle, where you can get all your protein from plant-based sources, knowing how to talk to people about it, or choosing your desired supplements etc. You’ll also need to read food labels a hell lot more- this is quite self-explanatory.


This is legit something that never even crossed my mind. Having to talk with waiters and sometimes the cook themselves. Yes, it gets to that. Maybe you’ll be at a fast-food joint with your friends, at an all you can eat buffet, having breakfast at a hotel, or even making sure there aren’t any animal products in your dish. Don’t be afraid to ask for a specially prepared meal, they should be able and willing to cater to everyone.


No, veganism is not actually as expensive as everyone claims it to be. If you rationally think about it, you’re cutting off meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy. Meats are definitely expensive as I’m sure we all know. Think smart and ethical, buy your produce from local market vendors, buy beans and spices from the “spice keepers” around, make your own plant-milks at home, and you can buy some “luxury” vegan food. Congratulations, if you do that then you’re having a full, balanced, healthy, and satisfying vegan meal.

Moral of the story is, no, veganism is really not all that hard. You get to make the rules, you get to choose what you want, and you get to go on your own pace. It is your body, your life, your business so please do not be dictated by others and don’t be afraid of experimenting. Everything will fall into place, remember that.

With love,

Hanya xx.

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