6 Used-To-Be-Normal Things We’re Going Back to Doing (Safely) Since Lockdown is Over

By: Zaynab Zaher

Disclaimer: People are contracting COVID-19 and dying all around the world. I’m well aware of how fortunate I am to be able to complain about stuff like boredom. This is in no way meant to belittle everything else that has been going on because of the pandemic.

You guys, we’re living through a pandemic. Years from now, when our kids complain about being bored, we’ll be able to say that they don’t know what true boredom is. It’s so bad that I consider myself lucky to still have enough brain cells to be able to write this article. Of course, the fact that we’ve got so much free time means that we’ve reflected plenty on all the things we’ll do once we’re-finally– out. I’ve compiled a list of things that we used to do all the time and take for granted, but now seem like a distant dream – yes, I’m very aware of how dramatic that was – enjoy!

1- Hang out with friends

Nefsy a5rog. 3ayza ashoof so7aby. Back in the good old days, going out with friends at least once a week was a given. Now, we’re lucky to be able to go out once a month. Now, most days we can only daydream about goofing off with our friends and facetime with them.

2- Go to the cinema

Lots of new releases that we’ve been looking forward to have been postponed. Personally, I was really excited to see Black Widow, but we’ll have to stick it out for a little bit longer. Meanwhile, we can have our own movie marathons with popcorn and nutella crepe-though it probably won’t be like the ones at Vox Cinema, it’s what we’ve got for now.

3- Visit our grandparents – men be3eed

Unfortunately, for many of us, the pandemic means that we can’t see our grandparents for fear of hurting them, as they’re more susceptible to COVID-19. We miss them. We miss being beaten at chess and tawla by them, or being stuffed with food by our grandmas. If we’re being completely honest, we miss getting our 3eidiyas from them too.

4- Walk around the street

Alright. We miss being able to walk down the street without feeling guilty, ducking out of the way of strangers, and holding our breath whenever we see someone come within 6 feet of us. Leaving the house shouldn’t bring a wave of guilt and wariness with it. 

5- Go to the gym/practice

I never thought I’d say this, bas el tamreen wa7ashny. Lockdown has prevented us from going out and by extension we haven’t been able to exercise as we normally would. As soon as I’m out, ana ray7a el nady 3ala tool, and I’m fully expecting to be a mess after it- mota2akeda eny mesh hab2a shayfa odamy aslan.

6- Travel

Seriously, I have never experienced as much wanderlust as I have during the lockdown. Nefsy asayef, please. Take me anywhere, I’m not picky. 

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