Why You Need to Be Visiting an OB/GYN Regularly + How to Convince Your Mom

By: Zaynab

Alright, I’m a very squeamish person, and I tend to shy away from topics like this. But here’s the thing, this is about your health, which makes it very important to discuss, despite it being stigmatized in our society. So, if you feel a bit awkward reading this, trust me, I feel ya, but it’s important for your health, as sometimes major health issues occur because of people not going to the gynecologist, at least till they reach a certain age. This happens, of course, courtesy of some parents who have been raised into believing that it is inappropriate for their daughters to visit a gynecologist before they’ve reached a certain age-maybe even visit a gynecologist, period. So, to help with this, here’s how to convince your mom that you need to visit a gynecologist regularly-and by that I mean at least once a year.

Most parents don’t take their daughters to visit the gynecologist before they’re like, 20 (if then). This is because they believe that in doing so they are keeping their daughters from the idea of having sex, or something-I know you can’t tell, but I’m cringing at the moment, so if you are too, you’re not alone. Now, as I’ve previously mentioned this is about health. Going to a gyno is important for girls to know that they have a doctor to help them with reproductive health issues. The first visit to a gynecologist will probably include a general physical exam, which includes weight, height, and blood pressure measurements. The visit would most likely be more conversational than anything else, but there may be a brief external genital exam. To convince your mom to visit, you should probably tell her all of this, and have an open conversation with her about it and the benefits that come with this visit.

In many ways, the first gyno appointment is also an opportunity to talk about your development and establish a relationship with your gynecologist, so that you’ll feel comfortable sharing personal information-such as vaginal odor- that would help the gyno diagnose any potential health issues – such as a yeast or bacterial infection. Some gynecologists also counsel their patients about risky behaviour such as smoking, drug abuse, or other different topics like puberty, hygiene, exercise, mental health, or STDs. This conversation is tailored to the patient’s needs or concerns, so if you feel uncomfortable about certain topics, you could probably just ask about the issues you want answers to, and then call it a day. Tell your mom all about this, and that learning this information will help you avoid such risky behaviour. Also, you can tell her that she can be in the room during the appointment, if it makes her more inclined to agree. 

Visiting your gynecologist is an important way of learning what’s normal and what’s not – if a yeast infection occurs, for example, no menstruation happens by age 15, or period pain is interfering with daily activities, then a visit may be necessary, not just recommended. Having both you and your mother understand the importance of visiting a gynecologist will help with any potential health issues, and it may prevent many issues before they have a chance to manifest. 

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