8 of the Most Common Masturbation Myths – Debunked

Disclaimer: We are in no way, shape, or form encouraging anyone to masturbate, if you already do or if you want to, then this is for your safety. If you don’t want to masturbate before marriage or for whatever other reason, then you also need to know this because, again, safety. We’re not taught anything about our bodies, so we gather knowledge from trusted sources and relay it to our community so we can all be safe and happy. (we’re tired of adding this to every sex-ed article tbh)

Masturbation. Yes, masturbation, you read it right don’t go rereading it. This is every little ignorant misconception about virginity which we hear (and unfortunately fear) whenever the “taboo” topic is brought up. Because let’s face it, we do discuss this topic more often than not, but I’m sick to death of girls acting shy and dumbfounded and guys acting arrogant and full of themselves each time. It is not a prize to be held nor is it shit to be disgusted by. Here’s everything you’re missing. 

  1. Women don’t masturbate.

Or “only men masturbate,” however you wanna put it really. I swear every time I hear this I lose some brain-cells and give myself a migraine from face palming too hard. Women do masturbate because as K said before, women have a libido and, God how do I put it? Most men don’t actually know how to pleasure a woman! Fuck, most men don’t even know how to locate a clitoris (which has double the nerve endings a dick has). Okay major understatement, most men don’t know what a clitoris is. So yes, we do add this to the list of shit we have to do ourselves.

  1. You’re gonna go blind/infertile/hairy palms/impotent.

Tab yaany bezemet ahaleeko ento mesada2een el kalam da? Yeb2a 3eib awy esara7a. Enough bullshit this doesn’t even make sense for f*ck’s sake!!

I’ll say no more.

  1. Low Sperm Count.

Okay same as the previous point, but here’s something more. As a man, your body (testes to be exact) are constantly producing millions and millions of sperms every single second that are already swimming around mindlessly and die every 3 days. If you just so happen to masturbate (and of course ejaculate) then the only difference is that the sperms are either dying in a different place, or dying a tad bit earlier. Unless you’ve got a special case, or are getting older in age, then no it doesn’t lower your sperm count. Don’t freak out about all the million “what if babies”. 

  1. Prostate Cancer.

People have been speaking about this for quite the while, making theories and trying to explain it all. However, all have failed. It is not at all proven that masturbation leads to prostate cancer. Unlike smoking, which is already proven -time and time again- that it causes cell tumors.

  1. Penis Shrinkage/Erectile Dysfunction.

Penis shrinkage, well that’s funny really. How the f*ck do you expect a penis to bloody shrink really? As for erectile dysfunction, that is caused by cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, injury, anatomical abnormalities, and other problems similar to that, just not masturbation.

  1. Physical/Mental weaknesses.

Well masturbation literally leads to the complete opposite if that. It reduces tension, stress, helps in sleep, safer as there are no risks of either pregnancy or STDs, helps you learn and understand your body, makes you like it more, and giving yourself personal pleasure also feels hella empowering!

  1. “My partner is masturbating, this means I’m not good in bed.”

Nope, no, no, not one bit. There’s quite a difference between intimate intercourse where you get to pleasure and explore one another and exploring yourself on your own. It’s not selfish it’s self-love, and very much needed too. So don’t sweat it.

  1. “So I took my own virginity? How pathetic!”

No, it doesn’t work like that. You know why? Because virginity is a social construct built (for men AND women, but this mostly affects women because of double standards) and intensified more and more everyday as we go on. It’s a cultural idea of some sorts hence why I like to call it a fraud.

I just wanna end it by saying that masturbation is completely normal, healthy, and even therapeutic. Just make sure you’re clean and all good on the hygiene part so you don’t end up getting some kind of bacterial infection or shit.

And again -for a second time- with all the love that I can possibly give out,

I choose to stay anonymous.

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