How to Give Yourself Bangs Without Looking Like an Ungroomed Poodle

By: Zeina El Mofty

I am starting this article by trying to write something relatable so you get hooked. I am now realizing this is very unnecessary because the title of this article is already very elaborate and you probably just want me to get to the point. I am now and lastly acknowledging and emphasising the fact that you and I are both bored and quarantined and thought more than twice about cutting bangs and the fact that you are reading this right now means that you’re going for it so I am granting you a round of applause for your bravery. 

Now onto the important part.

I have to fess up: I had zero knowledge about how to cut bangs let alone the fact that there are types of bangs. I hate to be a buzzkill but the first thing I visualize when someone brings up bangs is Stephanie from Lazy Town (and if you don’t know what that is, God bless you) and I’m stating this very unnecessary fact about myself as a sentence starter to eventually say this: I bet the first thing you visualise when someone brings up bangs are the very disturbing videos of people who fail to cut their own bangs at home and end up in the somewhat traumatizing form of an ungroomed poodle.

Well, I’m here to potentially help you avoid that, so listen up.

(zuzu to the rescue hehe)

Ehm. So, three types of bangs: Side bangs, front bangs and, if you’re bold enough, microbangs. DunDunDun…

I’d try to describe how each of these looks like but one, their names are pretty elaborate and two, it’d be easier for you to just google the difference.

Aaaaaanywayyy, here we go.

Step one is the most important of all and that is deciding which type of bangs would suit you most. I’d recommend you search for celebrities with bangs, for example, and try to see those who have a similar facial and bone structure as your own. By that, you can kind of get a taste of how it could possibly look like and consequently, you’ll know what you prefer. One thing more important than that though, know if they’d suit you at all. I for one love bangs but I know for a fact that I can’t pull it off, so just make sure will ya? This is irreversible.

The next step before the actual trimming is acknowledging your hair type. For instance, if your hair is curly you cannot trim it while wet or straight. Ever. 

Cut your bangs in the state you plan you keep your hair in because trust me, shrinkage is very real. Also, even if your hair is straight, don’t cut it while wet, shrinkage is still very real.

Now start by sectioning your hair; a very fatal step. You’d want to focus on how much hair you’re planning to cut depending on how thick you want your bangs to be. You then clip back all the hair you are not cutting, leaving the bangs-to-be unclipped with a triangular hairline.

The next step would completely depend on your preferred bang.


If you’re going for the low-maintenance Side Bangs look, start by further sectioning your parted middle bang-to be part from the exact middle. You’d then want to start trimming each of these parts with a downward gradient joining the bottom of your eyebrow to your chin. Try to make that gradient less of a line and more of a curve though. Two major tips: pull your hair very tight while doing so and I also highly recommend you do that with a hairline razor rather than scissors. Trust me it makes it so much easier. Finally, guess I’m needless to say that you should keep both sides as symmetrical as possible. 

In case of choosing to go with the infamous front bangs, focus on one thing most. Again, when cutting, cut vertically rather than horizontally first, and cut slightly lower than the length you want. Make the fringe also curved, again, rather than a straight line- in the form on a decreasing parabola the way I see it. Once you get the shape you want, you can easily then modify the length and the layering of the fringe.

Finally, if you’re up for microbangs, forget all about the curve talks. You’d want a straight line as even as possible, and you can only achieve that using clippers (unless you’re a robot with very precise movements).

And there you go. Good luck, go do you bb.

Bang Bang!

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