11 Things We Kinda Miss Doing Behind Our Parents’ Backs

By: Rawan Khalil

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to encourage anyone to do these things but just talking about the realities of some teenagers’ lives. 

When I was sitting peacefully in my room – totally not having a mental breakdown – I realised how much I miss doing things, as if staring into the abyss isn’t enough a reminder. So, I decided to ask my friends what “rebellious” things they miss doing behind their parents’ backs, because let’s be honest, being a teenager means we all have our own:“If my parents find out I am dead”. Which, we wish we can go back to but can’t right now. I am not going to expose myself on anything so this is not one giant expose – I still want to live under a roof, and I will not expose anyone by name but here is a compilation of all the responses I got about things everyone low-key misses. Sorry, you’ll probably feel nostalgic. It’s like this is the opposite of homesick.

#1 Vaping

Now, you may be one of the lucky people who still have extra stigs and juuls. You might have run out of juice just before lockdown. Or, maybe you’re a social smoker and miss vaping with your friends in the bathroom stalls, in their house when no one else is home or when having a walk. One way or another how is your nicotine break going?

#2 Ordering a crap ton of food

We have all done that at some point. Ordering two large pizzas to enjoy from the comfort of your own room because those period cravings are coming like crazy. Or, ordering wayyy too much McDonald’s all for yourself because why not? And, now there is just the paranoia of did someone cough on this, or are the restaurants even open? I bet you miss being home and ordering stuff or cooking for yourself without everyone asking to taste it.

#3 Lying about where I am and who I am with

For all those with strict parents, saying that you are with Dana and Sara, but you are actually with Ahmed and Joe, or saying you’re at a cafe when you’re actually at their place. The panic of missing your mum’s 10 missed calls and thinking that they somehow figured out you were lying, and suddenly your entire life flashes before your eyes. Only, for you to call her and have her ask when you are coming home. Or, being in the cinema with your date and missing calls because there is no service in the theater and then you’d have to deal with your mum scolding you while you keep your phone away from your ears waiting for the volume to seem safe for your ears.

#4 Sneaking out of the house

Now, to the really sneaky ladies and gents, who wait till their parents sleep and sneak out to smoke weed, or just go over to their friend’s birthday party because they’re grounded. I bet you miss tiptoeing back in. 

#5 Road trips while my parents think I am at the mall

Telling your parents you’re hanging out at the mall when you’re in your friend’s car blasting music so loud and dancing in the backseat like your life depends on it. Carpools are so cute. 

#6 Being a whore 

The heartbreakers, the fuckboys, the fuckgirls. The ones having one make out session with everyone and coming back for the good kissers. I SEE YOU. 

#7 Saying I am out with friends when I am out alone

To all those who want some alone time but their parents would never let them be so they’d tell them they’re out with friends when they’re treating themself to a movie and dinner. Self care queens are struggling.

#8 Ubering when I said my friend is driving me

If you haven’t done this at some point you are a special type of innocent I swear to god. Taking an Uber/Careem or a taxi where you’d watch the money counter skip more beats than your heart and wonder if you have enough money to pay for the ride, and then when your parents ask you where you spent all the money you’d come up with one dumb ass lie.

#9 Purchasing stuff behind their backs

Going shopping with your friends and buying the cute crop top they’d never let you buy, or the too expensive shoes that you save up for for ages.

#10 Seeing my boyfriend/girlfriend

I know I have touched on this, but y’all love birds are dying to see your significant others because you miss cuddling, spooning, making out, Netflix and chill and just planning a cute ass date. 

#11 Going to mixed parties, but saying they ain’t

And, last but definitely not least saying you are in your friend’s house just hanging out when you’re blasting your whole body dancing. The pool parties, halloween parties, birthday parties,I don’t know anyone here but my best friend parties.

Sorry, If I made you miss the outdoors more than you already do, it’s completely not intentional.

Stay safe.


Rawan x

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