20 Things We All Wish We Could Do With Our Arab Parents That We’ve Given Up On

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

I can’t be the only one who envies people in movies or TV shows their good relationships with their parents. A good relationship means they can tell them whatever the hell they want without feeling like they have to hide something and can actually have a civilized discussion without wanting to rip each others’ heads off. So, this made me think of a couple of things that we all wish our parents would do with us. Things we wish they understood. They’re literally so basic it makes me wonder why it’s a struggle to do this with them anyway…

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and the only reason why I can’t actually find something to write is because there are too many things I could write about. Seriously, everything that should be happening between parents and their children is not with us and it’s sad that one of my biggest wishes is to be able to do these things – which are supposed to be normal – with my parents. 

Anyway, here we go…

  1. I wish we could be able to sit down and have a fucking convo without the house turning into a warzone
  2. I wish they could listen to us 
  3. I wish they would try to understand us
  4. I wish they would talk to us about their childhood 
  5. I wish we could have a debate with them 
  6. I wish we could talk to them freely without hiding something or holding back
  7. I wish we could research shit together
  8. I wish they would tell us more about their experiences 
  9. I wish they would show us who they actually are rather than what they pretend to be in front of people 
  10. I wish they could see us for who we truly are instead of what we look like in front of people
  11. I wish they wouldn’t belittle our dreams 
  12. I wish they’d trust us more
  13. I wish we’d trust them more 
  14. I wish we’d be able to have some fun time together 
  15. I wish we were more tolerant toward each other 
  16. I wish they were comfortable around us and vice versa
  17. I wish we could understand each other 
  18. I wish we could talk about controversial topics as if it was normal 
  19. I wish we could discuss political views together 
  20. I wish we could love each other more  

You see parenting isn’t just about providing food and water and shelter. We should be able to be comfortable around our parents and vice versa. I hate that there’s a ton of things we want to do with them but are just too scared to actually do it. I hate that we have more fights than normal convos. I hate that they have to be suspicious of everything we do and my last wish is for them to appreciate us more, love us more. Not by buying us more things and giving us materialistic shit, no, by making us feel understood.

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