Can We Stop Portraying Women As Either Doormats or Psychopaths in Movies and Series? Thanks.

By: Jumana

So here’s the thing, I am sick and tired of seeing weak-willed and/or psychotic women in shows or movies or books, or whatever it is. I’m sick and tired of having to explain to those who are already on the fence about feminism that this is NOT representative of the majority of us. I am sick and tired of having to listen to guys or surprisingly even girls talk about how “this is why women shouldn’t be in positions of power.” Or “This is why we don’t trust women when they say they’ve been raped.” Yes. People really said that. 

For some reason, producers and directors insist on representing women as crazy or hozo2, like, sir, no! What is it about women that screams “just get me a cute guy and I’ll totally ditch all my plans of becoming a [Insert their dream job/goal], have a complete 180° personality change or just erase all unique aspects about me and follow him around, begging him to love me”?  


Remember Bella? Bella from Twilight? Okay so first, she knew Edward for less than 10 months, and literally went into a zombie-like state when he left? Like, I understand loving someone, okay? But this? No. What’s worse is that, a few months later, WHEN HE LITERALLY HAS MADE ZERO CONTACT WITH HER, she finds out he’s gonna kill himself because he feels sorry le nafsu and flies to Italy to save him? Without informing anyone? Wala 7ata her dad, who watched her almost kill herself because Edward left her? And then, she proceeds to go back to him? Like, excuse me? AND THEN, a while later, she agrees to marry him, turn into a vampire, and TELL HER PARENTS SHE WAS DEAD! FOR A GUY?!

(I don’t know why anyone would be in a similar situation, but if you are, ditch the guy, seriously, That. Is. A. Toxic. Relationship. Just leave him.) 

Okay example tani, have any of you watched Forsa Tania this Ramadan? Ugh do not get me started on the female characters on that show. 

Prime example; Reham, ana 7ata mesh 3arfa 2a2ul eh wala eh. One, she literally begged Ziad to marry her, actually begged, multiple times, many of which he was heartbroken about his breakup with another girl… Next, when he wanted to divorce her, she had to threaten him, cause he didn’t have enough money to pay her mo2akhar (which okay fair, that’s her rightful money or whatever) and then proceeded to drag him off to Dubai with her, and then when he finally had enough money to divorce her a year later she went to his dad’s house and tried to commit suicide?! When that failed, and he still wanted a divorce, she faked being pregnant?! And paid a doctor to lie about it too?! And when that too failed, first, she bought a gun and was gonna kill Malak with it and then went and caused a huge ass scene at his engagement party (where she lied and said she was his wife -_- ) And guess what, when that didn’t work either, she actually killed herself, in his apartment, and labesetu fe adeyet atl cause “If I can’t have you here, I’ll have you in heaven.” Um, girl, are you good? 

Honestly, it pisses me off so much seeing these girls represent us, really, because many people are actually convinced that this is how women are when in reality, it’s actually men who are more likely to be psychotic? (Yes, I get it, this isn’t a competition, and I’m not bashing men or whatever, but listen to the facts though.)

(Also, disclaimer, I’m not saying there aren’t women like that, I’m just saying that they in no way shape or form represent the majority.)

This may and probably will come as a shock to a lot of people, but the presence and increase of testosterone levels (the primary male sex hormone) actually reduces emotional control and empathy. A lot of research has proven that an increase in testosterone levels results in aggressive behavior, mood swings, irritability, impaired judgment and even delusions, sound familiar? That’s because women are usually accused of having/being all of that. So here’s a thought, is this maybe a way for the patriarchy to keep degrading women to hide their (men’s) own flaws? To keep ingraining it into women’s heads that they’re the ones that are irritable, or delusional or so on and so forth until it just… sticks? It wouldn’t be the first (or last) time.  

So there’s some food for thought for you guys. Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well.



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