Bored? Feeling Impulsive? Here Are 5 Crazy Things You Can Do to Your Hair

By: Renad

Self-quarantine has sparked a lot of crazy ideas and DIYs due to us being bored out of our minds. You’ve probably seen a lot of people cut bangs or bleach their t-shirts and jeans. If you’ve thought about making an impulsive decision and doing something crazy to your hair but still haven’t figured out what to do exactly, I’m here to help.  

  1. Bangs/Fringe 

While getting bangs is extremely common now, it’s still a simple way to give yourself a completely new look. Start by analyzing your face, if your face is long-shaped you should opt for straight-across heavy bangs, if your face is round go for side-swept bangs, for a heart-shaped face you should try a thin fringe, if you have a square-shaped face you should aim for a longer thin fringe, maybe one that ends right above your eyebrows and lastly, if you’re oval shaped, go for any type as they would all probably look good on you. If you’re a curly head I would suggest going for a thin fringe and some face-framing pieces. 

Make sure to start trimming gradually to adjust the length of your bangs, don’t go cutting a line straight across as it may end up being too short. 

  1. Dye your bangs

Dying your bangs or face-framing pieces gives you an edgy look without going through the hassle of bleaching and dying the majority of your hair. Pick any crazy color you like and get dying! Make sure to separate the rest of your from the parts you’ll be dying so things don’t get messy. If you don’t have dye or you don’t want to go buy some you can bleach the parts you’d like to change and tone them to go for blonde bangs/fringe. I recommend ordering the L’Oréal quick blue bleach and please use a 30 volume developer so you don’t end up ruining your hair. 

  1. Dye the bottom half of your hair

I find dying the bottom part of your extremely cool, it gives you a whole new look without changing the color of hair around your face so it will definitely end up looking good. Pick a color you like, prepare your materials, part your hair and go crazy! I suggest that you let someone part your hair for you or at least check that the part is straight across. If you want, you can add in the pieces of hair right by your ear, they’ll look so cute if you put your hair up in a bun, ponytail or even french braids. 

  1. Half and half 

Now this one will be a big change so if you’re comfortable doing that definitely go for it! Part your hair from the middle and dye one side only. If you have dark hair I would recommend going for blue, purple or green. I would also say red but red is a difficult color to deal with later on if you want to dye your hair back to normal. if you have light colored hair I would recommend pink or mint green, you can also go for black if your hair is already blonde. 

  1. Undercut 

While an undercut won’t be visible if your hair is down it’s still a major change, a very cool one I might add. An undercut would be suitable for the curly heads as the bottom part of your hair always has the most damaged or uneven curls so shaving this part will definitely help your curls come back healthier than ever. Make sure to part your hair well and please have someone do it for you. 

This has to be it! There are many ways to change up your look and these are just some of them if you’re feeling impulsive. Make sure to watch a ton of videos and tutorials before doing anything to your hair. Brand Mondo should be your best friend during the whole process. 

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