A Logical Guide to Protecting Your Skin From the Heat (Yareit Manestahbelsh)

By: Areeba

So far, we’ve been self-isolating and staying at home with our families or alone depending on the situation you are in and if you haven’t been safe and taking precautions bonk yourself right now. But suffice to say, while we may not get the Hot girl summer of our dreams we still need to take care of our skin especially in the upcoming summer heat. Here are some tips that will help you maintain that skin glow. You’ve worked so hard to achieve this quarantine because the fact is that you might not be able to go out and tan with your friends but you’re still going to need to protect your skin from the heat.


I know a lot of people that do not moisturize simply because they don’t feel like their skin needs it but trust me a light comforting moisturizer that suits your skin is worth the investment. For the longest time, I thought oily skin meant moisturizing it would make it more oily, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your skin produces excess oil that can build up in your pores as sebum and cause pimples or blackheads to appear which are harder to deal with. When you moisturize your skin is receiving enough moisture and does not need to combat it by producing excess oils that work against the progress of your skin. As for people with dry or combination skin, your skin does not produce enough moisture so you just need to give it a little helping hand. However, you simply must make sure that the moisturizing is not too overbearing for your skin or not heavily loaded with chemicals, try going for something that contains hyaluronic acid.

Drink plenty of water 

I feel like we’ve heard enough of this skincare tip and a lot of people on Twitter trying to pass off the water being the reason as to how they achieved their glass-like skin that glows so ethereally. On the other hand, complete moisture comes from within if your organs are not getting enough water to flush out the toxins out of your body, the evidence of that starts to show up on your face. In the summer heat, it is much more important that we drink more than usual due to the higher level of sweat produced by our bodies and the higher risk of dehydration. Dehydration can also cause severe headaches so please make sure to drink sufficient water and when I say water it doesn’t mean that you complete your daily liquid intake through Diet Coke and 7 up, we both know exactly who you are. 


I cannot emphasize how important it is to load up on sunscreen and in the right way, make sure your sunscreen contains 20% concentration of zinc oxide as part of the ingredients that are the ones that work best. You must re-apply it every two hours as the effects do not last forever. If you truly do not believe in how important sunscreen is and think it’s a facade you are free to google and research multiple research projects that show how the sun causes premature aging physically giving rise to more wrinkles and such. Sunscreen also protects your skincare from sunburns and while you may not be of Caucasian descent that doesn’t mean you are immune to them while you’re out on a beach resort in the North Coast for the summer like every Egyptian family.


Research shows that chemical exfoliation rather than physical exfoliation is way more gentle to facial skin so you might wanna look into products by companies such as The Ordinary. However I don’t just mean exfoliating your face, try to exfoliate your body once a week to get that smooth supple skin and help to avoid bacne as much as possible. The constant sweating due to the heat can give rise to a lot more acne on your back especially if you’re being constrained by those devils called bra (if you don’t get them boobs be happy you don’t have to worry about this). Honestly, I think we need to start a #freetheboob movement too (sorry I got sidetracked here, bras are just ugh).

Treat your skin with a cool treat 

By this, I don’t mean slathering some ice cream on your face. I mean massage an ice cube to help you feel cooler after a whole day of being out in the sun and while you’re at it, icing your face down does wonders for blood circulation and perking up your skin. But please don’t be an absolute idiot by applying ice to your face directly after taking it straight out of the freezer, that could give you a freezer burn depending on how low your freezer temperature is set. Just so your face isn’t shocked, wrap up that ice cube in a light and thin cloth and rub over your face.

Anyway not to be biassed or anything but as a side note if you’re really looking into improving your skin I would recommends The Ordinary’s products and stay away from everything Neutrogena other than the Hydro-boost line and check out Skincare by Hyram for the most honest and thorough reviews.

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