5 Online Shops That Sell the Cutest Indoor Plants and Plant Pots in Cairo (+ Tips)

By: Maryam Ibrahim

Got bored of your room/house? Been on Pinterest 24/7 getting lured by all the aesthetic decor? Want to give your place a makeover but can’t because of the current situation? Then plants it is (VSCO girls who?). Plants are very very VERY aesthetic, cute and give off fresh vibes and add colour and life to basically anything. So, let me tell you where you can get plants and make your Pinterest-y dreams come true.

1. The Greenology

My love for artsy pots is undescribable bgd. Fa just imagine artsy pots+beautiful plants= BOMB combination. They also have clay and fiber pots. Want cacti? Want succulents? They got it all and a huge bonus is that they can come plant your garden, how cool is that?

2. Mashtal

What’s better than having nature’s unrivaled beauty delivered to your doorstep? Nothing. Mashtal has it all and will surely fulfill your needs.

3. Bouquet By Floramix

If you want to add some pop of colour to your homes you definitely have to check them out. They can also add some beautiful floral designs to your events: engagement, katb ketab, and so forth. Moreover, they sell mesmerizing bouquets that will definitely catch the heart of your loved ones 😉

4. Planty

Planty offers such a unique collection of indoor and outdoor plants online. What’s really amazing is that delivery takes only 3 working days. They also give you instructions on how to take care of your plants.

5. Plant Cult

Boho pots are just SO colourful and alluring. Also all their pots are with drainage holes to prevent root rot unlike most pots that are sold nowadays.

Before I end this I’d like to share some tips on how to take care of your plants:

  •  Do I have the right light? Different pot plants thrive in different lighting, so make sure you tailor your indoor garden to the right lighting needs.
  • Some plants are poisonous to animals (such as peace lilies) – so check these details about your chosen plants before bringing them into the home.
  •  Your plant’s needs. A lot of plants are seasonal, so your greenthumb work needs to extend into the off-season. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what is required to care for your plant.
  • Keep soil moist with regular but light watering. Keep a tray to catch any excess water below to avoid over-watering them.
  • Make sure your plants have the right air supply, especially if they are kept inside. They not only need fresh air to grow but it also helps reduce disease.
  • Fertilise every one to two months depending on your plant. Always make sure you have information about your plant as so many indoor plants vary. 
  • Keep an eye out for bugs. If you notice any bugs on your plants, remove them. Get rid of any dead leaves to prevent disease. 
  • Repot your plants every one to two years depending on how quickly they grow. This will help your plants thriving and growing

And that’s it, stay safe.

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