On Egyptian Hypocrisy, BLM, Hijacking Activism, and Being a Piece of Shit

By: Rawan and Hanya

If you want my full honesty; yes, I’ve been silent since the “uprising” and yes, I was talked into doing this. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m doing this against my will- do not try to create something out of nothing like you always do.

Full honesty is (too); yes, I’m bloody angry but I’m also so fucking tired of the façades and mess you keep on “cleaning” so you can either make some money or gain a dozen more followers.

Yes, I’m bloody talking about every single one of you because we both know full well what you’re doing and what your end goal is. Because we’re in the same industry, we know how this works, and we actually know what your end goal is. Your bullshit isn’t working on me.

It isn’t freedom, it isn’t mercy, it isn’t equality or fucking equity as you say. If you want me to believe you, I need to fucking see that there are no double standards. That you’re preaching equality for all the depressed; all the suppressed; all the oppressed.

No, I’m not “over dramatic” nor am I “too much” and I absolutely am not trying to “make a big deal out of nothing” as you say- I simply have a problem with your mind-blowing hypocrisy.

Here’s what you don’t understand:

You cannot say “Black Lives Matter” when you are the person who walks around school throwing the n-word every chance you get, because your “black friend gave you the pass”, because it’s in all your favourite rap music because you’re not “white”, because you tan, because Aswan and the Nuba are part of Egypt. You cannot say “Black Lives Matter” when you make racist jokes- “because it’s just a joke, chill”. You cannot say “Black Lives Matter” if you’re not willing to take the time to read and educate yourself on the entirety of the problem because this is not a globalized trend you suddenly decide to follow because hell, everyone else is doing it. 

Take this time and read because if you don’t then a black screen on your story does nothing. I would rather you be silent and learning than actively preaching about what you don’t understand. I would rather have you be silent and learning than active and ignorant. I am talking to the person who posts but makes fun of their darker-skinned friends, who offers them whitening creams. I am talking to the person who is posting but gropes a girl’s ass just because he can. I am talking to the person who treats their driver like trash, and screams at their maid because they can. I am talking to the hypocritical ass that thinks being woke is one black screen, when being “woke” is not slut-shaming, when being decent is not catcalling, when being humane is not looking down on the less fortunate ones.

So, let me ask you what have you done before posting the black screen on your story? Did you sign the petitions? Did you listen? Or, are you another imposter, that will turn your back once this is all over, because if you are not willing to roll up your sleeves to learn, understand and have a stance then what’s the point? 




This is only racial discrimination, I’ve only just touched about it.

So, how about misogyny? Again, here’s what you don’t understand:

You cannot claim to “respect” women with your justification being that you have a mother, a sister or a girlfriend, when you go out and say that’s the girl I would date but not the one I would marry, when you walk down the streets catcalling and bluntly assaulting, when you fetishize, when you cannot take your eyes off of a girl wearing shorts, when you slut shame all the while cumming in your pants, when you cannot bloody take no for an answer. You cannot claim to respect women when you threaten to share the nudes they trusted you with, just because you want more. You cannot claim to respect women when you cannot keep your dick in your pants. For fucks sake cut me some slack, can I live?

And, what about fatphobia? Here’s what you don’t understand:

You cannot scream, “all bodies are beautiful” when you grimace at a fat woman wearing a bikini, when you think skinny men are ugly, when you think a black woman’s hair is your property to touch. You cannot preach “body positivity,” when you sneer at your friend for eating a burger, when you would never date the bigger guy or girl, when you sermonize diets like your life depends on it. Stop giving unsolicited weight-loss/gain advice, stop saying that you are saying that just because you care about their health, when you are blatantly criticizing how they look, when you think being skinny is healthy and being fat is cholesterol. 

What about beliefs? What if I needed to have a word with my Lord, but was pulled into a different house of worship. Why does it matter so much to you when in the end, heart-to-heart, we’re talking to the same God. A holy house is for everyone; with walls drenched in prayers full of hope and peace where the Almighty hears me everywhere. When were you God’s messenger to claim a person’s place? We bleed the same; you and I. So, what if we pray in different melodies?

So, next time you say Black Lives Matter, please understand what’s happening right outside your doorstep because the root of this problem is oppression and your stance has to be a full-rounded one. Do not put on the mask of a good person, if you are rotting with loathing, hostility and revulsion. Do not pretend to care if you are not willing to watch one video, read one article, listen to one podcast. The theatrical act is repulsive, because it all means nothing if you will still go out of your house being the fatphobic, misogynist, racist, intolerant piece of shit.

If you’re not taking a stance because “politics is not your cup of tea” please understand your privilege, because everything in your life is politics even the fact that you’re fortunate enough to be able to step back, so for once use your privilege to do better, and not to stay silent.

“Why are you bringing this up?”

“Why are you mixing everything together?

“You just wanna look different so you can seem cool.”

Here’s where you couldn’t be more wrong, oppression is all one and the same, it stems from the same root and we cannot reach full freedom when we aren’t getting the whole picture.

I am not sorry I am angry. I am not sorry this is not pretty, I am not sorry I stopped smiling and politely nodding to every fucking word you spit, I am not sorry I stopped playing my role of looking pretty, I am not sorry I am not discussing vanity, but I am too angry to write pretty, I am too angry to smile and I cannot stay silent anymore. I am too angry to sugar coat the truth because you’re too scared to hear it, and I am sick of watching you do nothing, I am sick of looking at your empty black screens, I am sick of your hypocrisy.


Rawan and Hanya 

with anger.

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