11 of Our Favorite Ramadan Series To Ever Be Made That We’re Rewatching RN

By: Zeina El Mofty

Hello and welcome back to a new episode of Zeina knows best and by that, I mean the fact that I’ve been watching Ramadan mosalsalat instead of studying for most of my life. Why? It’s fun. Do I have any reason to prove that my opinion is valid? Not a bit. But yk, you can always hear me out, it’s free!

Kalabsh 1,2, & 3

Basha Masr had to be added to the list keda keda. There is no doubt that Amir Karara is outstandingly talented and we’ve seen him prove that over the years. To be completely honest, I never really been a fan of action series, and therefore I didn’t really watch Kalabsh but let me tell you something. One, everyone was talking about it and how good it was. Two, it takes a lot of talent and intelligence to maintain a constant and loyal fan base for 3 whole seasons. All I could say is brava, bravo and every other synonym to Amir Karara and his crew. Respect!

Zay El Shams

Yet another one of Dina el Sherbiny’s masterpieces! Also featuring Riham AbdelGhafour and Mohamed el Saadany, Zay El Shams has been one of the most intriguing, emotional and mysterious Ramadan series. It’s packed with suspense and so many surprises and the acting is so realistic it makes the story personal. Hands down one of my favorite series I would most definitely re-watch. 


One of Ramadan 2018’s gems is most definitely Taye3. Not only does it give you taste of a very different lifestyle of people fel se3eed but it exposes you enough to feel so invested, interested and so attached to their lives. The story is beautiful and intense and heartbreaking. If you haven’t watched it, please do?


The legends Karim Abdelaziz and Sherif Mounir collabed and I still cannot get over it. Portraying a true story of an Egyptian agent working in mokhabrat, this series offers an amount of greatness that you wouldn’t have expected. Not even exaggerating.

3asham Eblis

Starting off the trend of messed up families and amnesia, Dina El Sherbiny and Amr Youssef work together in this series absolutely in sync. The series is fun and you’ll live it if you’re as dramatic as they are. The story is nicely unexpected, as usual with those two.

L A3la Se3r

One of the very first series that got me hating the main characters, Nelly Karim strikes again with a very emotional mosalsal. A series of drama and heartbreak and disloyalty. Ever since, no one has ever forgotten that mal*oon abo el nas el 3ozaz.

Wa7et Al Ghoroub

A walk through history that’s quite untold, Wa7et Al Ghoroub sets such a mood you’d only understand if you watch it. It’s not one of your trendy-everyone-loves-it series but it sure is a masterpiece to those who’d understand it.

La Totfe2 El Shams

You probably guessed it, it’s like, everyone’s favorite and memorable Ramadan series ever. La Totfe2 El Shams isn’t only one of the sweetest and lovely series, but it’s one of the most heart warming too. Drama? Yes. Conflict? Yes. Heart ache? Definitely. But it’s also filled with love and passion and very vibrant positive energy for some reason. Everyone remembers it and I have a strong feeling everyone always will. 

Grand Hotel

Everyone watched it, everyone was hooked till the very last minute and everyone loved it. This series was brilliant from head to toe. The acting, the story line and every single plot twist. That, and the amount of fanciness in the era the story was set in was the reason this series is one of my absolute favorites.

Haq Mayet

Hassan El Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanem crushed it in this tragedy. Unlike all their comedy roles, this series is sad and beyond just emotional. It is beautiful.

Farah Layla

I don’t really remember the story because I was too young but what I remember is that this mosalsal filled me up with joy in a way I can’t really describe. 

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