6 Signs You Might Have PCOS and Need to See an Obgyn ASAP

By: Areeba

If you have never heard of this condition then the education system has failed you, but no surprise there, to be fair. Issues relating to women’s health are not really discussed which is not surprising since it’s even taboo to mention your period around your male family members. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that is actually very common in women and often goes unnoticed just like many other issues relating to women’s reproductive organs.

Here are the symptoms that most commonly apply to PCOS:

Irregular Periods

This is THE most common sign when it comes to figuring out issues relating to this matter. Your periods can be so short compared to your peers or last forever, for example bleeding for 35 day straight. Healthy periods range from 3-7 days depending on your body type, hormonal production, genetics and a whole lot of other factors. However it is NOT normal to bleed irregularly with getting your period once every three months or as stated before 35 days straight.

Heavy Bleeding

When you do get your period, you bleed heavily for a long time as the uterine lining that is usually shed on a regular basis builds up overtime.

Weight Gain

Majority of women with PCOS gain weight excessively as the hormones work against them and upto 80 percent of women with PCOS are overweight or obese.

Frequent Headaches

You are constantly plagued by headaches even if you are not stressed, dehydrated or suffering from a lack of sleep and this is because the imbalance hormone levels can induce headaches in many women.

Excess facial hair and bald spots 

You might be being blessed with facial hair to compete against that of a man but may also be getting bald spots even though you are eating right and taking care of your body and your health.The culprit behind this is a hormone called androgen which is typically a male hormone that is present in elevated levels in your body giving rise to the extra unwanted facial and body hair.

Polycystic Ovaries 

Your ovaries could be enlarged and fail to function like regular normal ovaries.To put short they ain’t your regular old ovaries they are cool and hip (but in all seriousness this is nothing to joke about I am just trying to lighten the mood because you might be getting stressed out).Polycystic implies the existence of cysts and poly meaning many,your ovaries can contain multiple cysts that are NOT supposed to be there in case you didn’t know.But you would not know about their existence unless you went through an ultrasound.

To further explain PCOS, any fluid filled sacs grow inside your ovaries that are actually follicles containing an immature egg like that of a normal ovary but what makes this process abnormal is that a PCOS ovary does not allow for the immature egg to mature enough to trigger the process of ovulation which further disrupts your cycle.The lack of ovulation triggers and alters the normal production levels of hormones such as progesterone,FSH AND LH.Progesterone and estrogen levels lower and androgen levels get higher than usual.This disorder affects up to 27 percent of women in their medically termed “childbearing” years. PCOS can often run in families and is easily genetically inherited.It is also known to have led to insulin resistance in upto 70 percent of women with diagnosed PCOS. Insulin resistance itself can lead to obesity and further on may also lead to type 2 diabetes.

If you experience any of these symptoms it is recommended to go to a gynecologist because your reproductive organs are just as important as your other organs. While it may be hard to convince your mother or parents in general to take you to the “lady” doctor it is worth building a case and pointing out the irregularities that you have been pushing to the back of your mind. It is not easy for women who have this condition and leaving it to be undiagnosed can worsen the health risks that could even lead to infertility in the future. However just because you have some of these symptoms does not mean that you immediately assume that you have the condition, never self-diagnose under any circumstance. But no matter what please do go visit a trusted gynecologist because even if you may not have this specific disorder they can still help you manage your irregular period and unbearable cramps that could also pertain to other issues such as thyroid.

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