5 Ways to Style Your Hair If You Need to Hide It’s Greasiness

By: Jumana

Being quarantined at home means a lot less hair washing for us, which is usually chill because greasy hair in front of people is no longer a concern. But it is? Your mom decides to risk your life and send you to get groceries – now what? Or, you’ve got an online class going and your teacher calls you out to open your camera – ha? Worse, your crush decided to facetime you. So, here’s a list of the simplest, quickest, and easiest hair fixes for your greasy hair situation (that you keep finding yourself in, even in quarantine).


This one is very obvious and usually the easiest option. Just wear a hat. A cap will do for summery days, an ice cap will do for wintery days and a beret will work either way and also add that extra bit to the outfit.  


This is very similar to the first, find a silk scarf to wrap around your head to hide the grease. It’s stylish, it works wonders and no one has to know. You can find silk scarves basically anywhere, I get mine from H&M and I love them.


A messy ponytail has always been a good idea and always will be. All you need to do is flip your head upside down, gather your hair and tie it with a hair tie. Next, simply gently pull the hairs around the hair tie to add volume and it always looks cuter. You can also mess up the pony tail itself for extra volume and style. Or, take a section of your hair and braid it, then wrap it around the elastic, for a slightly classier look.


The classic messy bun. Works like a charm. You throw your hair up in a bun, tie it one time too loose and leave the rest to gravity. You end up with a cute, messy look and everyone is too distracted by the bun to see that your hair is greasy. Perfect.


 Before doing your hair up in a bun, grab a couple of strands from in front to curl and leave for an extra effect of framing the face. This works wonders, I promise. 


Last but not least, a half up- half down look is always perfect. Usually the front roots are what’s greasiest, and a half up- half down hides just that. Just grab the upper layer of your hair, front strands are optional, and pile them up in a high ponytail, and leave the rest of your hair down. 

A variation of this could be to make the half up into a bun, it’s also an added effect and completely hides the greasiness. 

P.S. Remember to not leave your hair oily for too long, it usually leads to dandruff. 

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