Uhm, I Kinda Like 2 People at the Same Time, Now What?

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

We don’t choose who we like, and we most certainly do not choose to like more than one person. I’m sure those of you who have clicked on this article probably have no idea HOW someone can like two people at the same time and the truth is, I don’t have any idea either. It’s simply, inexplicable. Maybe it’s fate playing games and maybe it’s karma being its usual b*tchy self, I guess we’ll never know. Anyway, after a couple of painfully long conversations with my friends I have come to several conclusions concerning this issue, now let’s start, shall we?

So the first and most reasonable solution is to see who you’re most comfortable with, who makes you feel like your true self when you’re around them and you’re not just constantly anxious about doing something wrong that might make them less interested in you. The one who makes you feel like you’re actually appreciated. I don’t want to list down a couple of musts that you have to feel when you’re with that person because you’re the one that’s making the decision so in general, I just want you to make a list of priorities. What are the most important things in a relationship to you? List them down and then see who you feel satisfies most of the things you want to have in a relationship. Kind of like a pros and cons list but not exactly, you know?  

Kind of like what I mentioned above but it needs to be said. Try to see who you enjoy talking to more and actually have a fun time with! Also, make sure that you actually like them, not the idea of them. Like, I know this can sound confusing but differentiate between the relationship you have drawn of them in your head and the actual relationship or whatever you might have actually go. 

One of the theories says that if you liked the second person then you didn’t even like the first one in the first place because you were able to pick someone over them or, you didn’t like them enough to feel like they are the one for you. But sometimes you don’t know when you started liking them people so I would personally say, give them both a chance and see what happens. Like, talk to them but don’t make them feel like there’s already something between you two, like try to make it clear that you’re still in an idk let’s call it a beginning phase for example, so that you don’t end up playing both of them because that’d be inhumane. 

So, I feel like some of y’all might get lost in all this ranting so here’s a lil summary to clear things up a bit. Basically, you will feel eventually who is the right fit for you. Like eventually you will figure out y=who you’re most comfortable with and who talks to you more frequently and who actually cares about you and you’ll eventually find the perfect match and well, stick to that. 

I hope this helped and you understood anything from my ranting. 



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