How to Feel Good About Yourself/Your Body – Naked

We live in a time where body acceptance is advertised, but everywhere around us we see blatant body hate and shame; from flat to fat shaming. We are supposed to seek that perfect body to the point that we might lose ourselves in the process. Learning to love my body was a painful process, because for a very long time like many other people I was seeking revenge on my body, and hated the way it looked nude or covered.

Here are things I do to feel good about my body-naked. If you feel down you should try these as well to slowly and gradually build self love. 

Positive affirmations

Pick one part of your body that you do not like, for example, your stretch marks. Look at yourself in the mirror and say:

“My stretch marks are completely normal”

“They are a reminder of the changes my body has gone through.” 

Honestly, I used to cringe so much when I used to do this because it was extremely hard to say something positive about a physical aspect I spent years not accepting. But, I kept going and every day I would pick out a feature and positively affirm myself instead of being negative. Using this method, as silly as it sounds, helps you slowly accept these “flaws” or the parts of your body you were made to believe make you less beautiful through the media. It makes you realize that they aren’t that noticeable, and even if, they are beautiful. To be fair, no one will look at you any differently for them. Pick out parts of your body you don’t necessarily like and positively affirm yourself every day.

Look at body art 

Search up art and photography focusing on the intricacies of people’s bodies. It will make you realize how different bodies are beautiful in their own way and if you do not judge others for their body, why are you being hard on yourself?

Take care of your body 

It goes without saying that hygiene will make you feel much better about your physical appearance. Don’t just laze around all day on your bed. Get up and workout, take showers periodically. Shave if having no body hair makes you feel sexier. If you take care of your body then you will feel much more confident nude. If you exercise and eat good you will focus more on how much your body accomplished rather than critique how it looks. Work on changing your body for the better don’t think of it as losing weight but rather getting healthier – holistically. Change your diet to include all the daily vitamins and minerals you need. Drink sufficient water. If you feel healthier then you feel sexier. 

Create a playlist 

Compile songs that make you feel like a bad bitch. Make a sexual or a sensual playlist; listen to it while you just dance around in your room letting your body move to the music. Music gets you in the mood and playing this playlist every time you feel unattractive will help you accept your body and feel confident in it.

Shop for clothes that accentuate features of your body 

Well, we’re in quarantine right now so this won’t work. But once you can do this, go ahead and shop for clothes that fit well with your body type. Shopping for clothes that are simply made for you will help you feel even more confident when you take those clothes off. Clothing that accentuates those curves boost your self-esteem, in turn, making you feel better when you are naked.

Accept that your body won’t always look good

Consumption of certain foods or too much water can make you bloated or simply your period approaching can make you feel heavier and look bloated. To truly love how you look naked you need to learn that your body won’t always look like the best version of yourself but you need to learn that this is normal.

Optional: Take NSFW pictures or videos 

You can take these and delete them if you feel risqué but forcing yourself to pose and get a good angle of your body will help you feel more confident about the way you look naked. I’m not encouraging you guys to send those nudes, this is simply for yourself and your body image. It’s the same idea as having an Instagram photoshoot except no one will see these pictures, they’re for you. Again, if it scares you because of all the revenge porn going on, don’t do it, or do so and delete right after. It’s just a way for you to look and feel good.

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