Your Guide to Buying a Comfortable Bra That Actually Fits Right

By: Jumana

We’ve all been there; we bought a bra that we thought fits and then, as we wear it, we start to notice how tight it is in some areas, how the straps fall off or maybe how itchy it is somewhere or the other. Basically, we’ve all bought bras that don’t fit and we really just need the right way to actually buy one that’s just right. So, lo and behold: your guide to buying a bra that actually fits! 

Okay so, the first thing that comes to mind is to just go to a Victoria’s Secret or Etam and they’ll measure everything and get you a bra that fits perfectly. This is very very convenient, but I get that that’s not available to everyone. 

Now, before doing anything, what I want everyone to do, and not just with bras, is to buy quality and not just something that looks good. It’s so tempting to buy a bra that’s cute, sexy and where you’re sure you’re going to feel very confident in and then find out it’s itchy as fuck, or that the strap broke after one wear. So, let’s save our money and invest in a good quality bra. 

Onto basic bra-buying instructions: apparently there’s an equation to finding the right size? If you’re measuring at home, I want you to get the measuring tape and measure just under the breasts (that’s your band size) and then measure again around but over the perkiest part of your breasts (that’s your cup size), and I want you to take the measurements and convert them to inches. Let’s say they end up being 36 inches for the cup size and 33 for the band size. Next, you subtract the two numbers which will give 3, the corresponding alphabet to 3 is C. Your final measurement will be the number of the band size (33 in this case) and the letter, so 33C. 

Secondly, don’t just concentrate on the cup size. Look at the straps too! I can’t emphasize this enough! The cup could seem like a perfect fit but the straps are too tight, they dig into your shoulders and it’s just not a good look (or feeling!) Or, the strap could be too loose and the bra is just going everywhere, all over the place. This could literally make or break an outfit so LOOK. AT. THOSE. STRAPS. If the straps are too tight, size up on the cup size you’re wearing. If the straps are a loose fit, size down on the cup size. 

Also, don’t be afraid to be critical of how the bra looks, there’s absolutely no shame in examining how your bra looks on you, look for any gaps, anything uncomfortable, or anything you feel doesn’t fit right. Also, DON’T. GET. A. BIGGER. OR. SMALLER. SIZE. BECAUSE. OF. SOCIAL. STIGMAS. OF CERTAIN. SIZES. This will only do more damage than good, your bra size is the perfect fit for you, and a bra is designed to be comfortable to you, not fill men’s fantasies about what’s hot and what’s not.  

Finally, don’t get stuck on 1 bra size forever. Breast sizes change often due to changes in weight, hormones or other reasons. So, be sure to measure your breast size at least once a year.

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