This Henna Brow-Tinting Tutorial Is Everything

By: Hanya

Hello, I am back and stable – not quite – but for the most part. I’ll jump straight into this because even amidst a pandemic and lockdown, my time is limited. Everyone and their momma’s are dying for a little trip to the salon to get their brows, hair, nails, etc. done to feel rejuvenated again. And while I’m no expert, I’m a teenage girl that likes to do it all and loves self-care. Besides plucking, threading, waxing (your brows) and all that, there’s this extra step that makes a huge difference; tinting! I love henna for that so I bring to you my henna tinting routine!

You’ll need:

A plate, preferably a single-use or a plate you already use for dye/henna


Vaseline, or any type of petroleum jelly

Precise angled-brush

Precise flat brush

Compact mirror

Cotton pads

Tissue paper

For the henna, I personally use Glory from any pharmacy but you can also use Kawket Body Care’s or even the local all-natural one from Luxor, Aswan, or even Al-Hussein.

You’ll start with outlining your brows with the vaseline using the flat brush so you don’t end up staining skin we want untouched; Vaseline creates that barrier.

When you’re done, mix your henna powder with water but do not put too much because you really need such a tiny amount to cover both brows. There is no given when it comes to ratio, depend on your sense, we just need a nice paste.

Spread the henna on your brows, liberally, from the start of it till the tail- yes, you will look like Auntie Samira just got a horrid microblading job BUT trust the process.

Put your finger into the tissue paper and wrap it securely so you can fix the shape of your brows even more.

Start a timer for 7 minutes, when that’s over dampen the cotton pad and wipe the front of your brows so it doesn’t look harsh then set a timer for 3 more minutes for the rest of your brows.

Wipe the entirety of your brows with that damp cotton and make sure to go back and forth so you get all the product out.

Brush your brows out and voila, Cara Delevingne’s got nothing on you.

Also, if you are a guy, feel free to do this too AND you can definitely knock yourself out and try it for your beard!

Stay sane,

Hanya xx.

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