Resala Fi Hob El Da7ee7, Bas Keda

By: Malak Hatem

W ahh di hateb2a resala ha2e2eya.

Ela mann yahomoho el amr,

w ela ely mayhemehoosh bardo 3ashan this is kind of a big deal.

Meen feena ya gama3a maye3rafsh El Daheeh aw masme3sh 3ano? Meen feena maloosh hala2a mofadala almost hafez kol kelma feeha? Meen feena mafata7sh el channel fe mara w ekhtar hala2a randomly zy ma betenfta7 kolena nekhtar hala2at Friends be shakl aktar mn 3ashwaqy? Meen feena etfarag 3ala hala2a fe mara w 3agabeto bas lel asaff nesy ye3melaha save aw yehfaz esmaha fa a3ad ba3d kda ma yatarawah ma bein el nos sa3a w el sa3a beydawar 3aleiha 3ashan fag2a 7ass eno moftakedha? W meen feena fe shahreen el lockdown ely 3addo dol mafata7sh gheir AJ+ w etfarag 3ala kol hala2et El Daheeh kanet fatetto fe youm mn el ayam lehad ma ba2a up to date w beyetfarag 3ala kol hala2a betenzel fe sa3etha? W akheeran meen feena mafata7sh channel El Daheeh el adeema w etfarag 3ala video-hat mn 2015 just for the sake of it?

El ha2i2a dol msh nas ana 3arfahom wala dol ento, dol kolohom ana. W hwa dah bezabt sabab eny bakteb el kalam dah delwa2ty. 

When I got word that I was going to write this article, I was over the moon. Because other than the fact that I absolutely love El Daheeh, I love talking about El Daheeh. And although I thought I knew everything there is to know from watching his episodes, when I did the research for this article, I found some pretty interesting stuff. I’m not too proud of it, but yeah, you could say that I stalked him hehe. 

Zy ma kolena 3arfeen, he’s an AUCian, class of 2016. He is friends with Ahmed Samir, host of Egycology, which I am also a huge fan of (el nas di gamda awii begad). Together, they co-founded and presented Good Morning AUC in 2014 (I also watched a couple of episodes fe nos el research). As we all know, he founded EL Daheeh in 2014 and it has been a huge success since then. I’ve met shewayet nas who don’t like the show and for different reasons bas dol kano qala2el qella w da ra2yohom fa let’s focus on the fact that Ahmed EL-Ghandour is mostly loved and respected by millions around the Middle East. He has over 4.5 million followers on AJ+’s YouTube channel, da gheir el 824k that follow his old channel “Da7ee7” and over 250 million views in total. 

In a BBC interview that I enjoyed watching gedan (ha7otelko el link), Ghandour said that he loves all the sciences, that he loves to read and tell people about the things he read and that is what he does fel Daheeh. I personally admire him for his passion for science, learning and the fact that his enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge are what drives him to make such great content for people of all ages. He knows how to make the most boring things, bl nesbali at least, aka physics be kol fero3ha, seem interesting. Philosophy and ethical problems were never something I would look up and someday want to read about, bas seriously the way he explained and talked about The Trolley Problem got me hooked. Politics, history, economics and again physics (begad mabahebish el physics) have never been more compelling. Le daraget en ba2eit ana ely badkhol adawar 3ala videos el hagat di be nafsi ba3d ma kont bakhtar ay video esmo yeshedenny. 

My friend and I were just talking a couple of days ago and reminiscing about our highschool chemistry class, where our teacher used to make us watch Hank Green’s crash course on chemistry and then hand us an assignment to solve that is related to the video. My friend kanet fakra en Hank Green beye3mel videos chemistry bas fa I told her eno la2a he makes videos about everything then I proceeded to tell her en El Daheeh is Hank Green beta3na ka masreyeen. W begad ya gama3a walahi el etnein arwa3 mn ba3d. We have been blessed be Ahmed El Ghandour w videos El Daheeh. 

Kol dah ba2a wana lesa matkalemtish 3ala how he was one of the very few shortlisted for IBC’s first ever Young Pioneer Award in 2019 w beiny w benko there isn’t much to be said la2en honestly this speaks for itself. W foo2 kol dah he was scheduled to be one of this year’s speakers in the Arab Conference at Harvard which was supposed to take place in March bas lel asaff was postponed because of Corona ☺

So yeah, this is one of the few things I will never stop fangirling about. 

Khales hobby w emtenany, 

link el interview aho, ay khedma, wink wink.

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