28 Tracks That’ll Make You Addicted to the Egyptian Rap/Trap Scene

By: Malak Ezz

Photo by: @tarek.jpeg

With Egyptian trap and rap quickly rising to dominate the music scene in Egypt, we thought it was more than appropriate to create a little list of some of our favorite songs. And if you’ve never had a taste of it – you’re definitely missing out. Enjoy this playlist and I’m sure you’ll find at least a few things you like!

Nihayet el 3alam – Marwan Moussa

Msh ha2ollek babe – Wegz

Barat – Abo El Anwar

Sout Baga3 – Shahyn

Bel Salama – Molotof  x Wegz

Beera – Batistuta

Free – Marwan Pablo

Samurai – Slyver

El Track Da W7esh – Afroto

Dawdah – Wegz ft. Abyusif

Touch – Marwan Moussa

Cosmo & Wanda – Wegz

El Moled – Batistuta

On a Regular – VLI WEEZY

Dorak Gai – Wegz

Basha E3temed – Abyusif ft. Abo El Anwar

Scoo Scoo – Abo El Anwar

Elvaranda – Shahyn

Denamet – Marwan Pablo

21 – Wegz

3azra2eel – Abyusif

Feeny – Slyver

Asyad El Balad – Wegz

SINdBAD – Marwan Pablo

El Tofan – Batistuta

Daira 3almasla7a – Wegz ft. Pablo

02:00 am – Lege-Cy

Kherbet – Afroto ft. Marwan Moussa

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