9 Organization Tips to Help You Get Through This Last Month of School

By: Zaynab

I would like to start off by telling whoever’s reading this article that I am well aware that right now is a pretty shitty time, and that most of us are too unmotivated to do anything productive and would much rather stay in bed and binge watch as many shows as humanly possible- I know that’s the case for me. However, despite the current situation, we still have work to do, especially seniors, as our grades will determine where we’re going next year (we’ve heard this a million times by now so I’m just gonna stop). To make things a little easier, here’re some tips for keeping everything together to help with this whole online learning thing.

  1. Find a quiet place for attending class 

Not only will this help you focus, but it also helps make sure your entire class doesn’t hear your mom asking you about your underwear, or your little sibling calling you by your embarrassing nickname(no I am not referring to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.)

  1. Choose a place you associate with studying

If I choose to do my homework on the couch, where I watch Brooklyn 99, all I’m going to end up doing is think about the cold opens and laugh and then my family will end up shaking their heads, thinking I lost it because of my hatred of Math (which would not be too far-fetched, but still.)

  1. Make sure that space is comfortable

It’s hard to spend an hour doing work at the best of times, never mind when you’re not comfortable. So make sure your back doesn’t hurt from the chair you’re sitting in, sit at a proper posture if you feel your neck starting to cramp, even buy a wrist rest if you have to.

  1. Stay organized online

Bookmark sites that you find yourself using often. Use websites that help with studying, like Quizlet, which allows you to make flashcards and access ones made by other people. If you often find yourself getting distracted by those ‘try not to laugh’ youtube videos, or having a Netflix break that shows no sign of ending soon, you could always use online tools that limit the time you spend on those distracting sites. Last year, I used downtime and screen time on my phone and it did help. You could always set reminders on your phone as well, just to keep track of when assignments are due.

  1. Establish a routine

Make a study schedule. Include time for online courses as well as time for regular studying and reading, and make sure you leave time for preparing for tests or projects.

  1. Create a support system

I’d recommend having your friends check on you and you checking on them. It actually works and it’s motivating to an extent, if you keep it up. You can also make study groups-online, of course. People spend plenty of time on houseparty anyway, so why not use it to help with this too? 

  1. Organize your inbox

Just to make sure you don’t miss anything major and keep track of all your assignments.

  1. Stay ahead of schedule

We all know how tempting it is to submit an assignment at 11:59 pm of the day it’s due. I’ve done it more than I care to count at this point. Finishing an assignment a couple of days before it’s due means less stress and more time for relaxing later on. 

  1. Here’re some tips for your workspace, just to make doing assignments less of a chore:

1-Hang a shelf over your desk: you can store any extra items there or just use it to display some artwork.

2-Keep your to-do-list handy: You can attach peel-and-stick chalkboard tape to your desk so you can write notes with a chalkboard pen and erase them when you get new ideas.

3-Arrange supplies by colour: It makes the space prettier and it can’t hurt.

4-Use a small storage caddy: You can keep it near one of the desk’s legs to keep what you need to work.

5-Keep accessories to one side: It’s important to make sure you’ve got space to work.

6-Use a drawer divider to keep your drawer organized.

7-Hang a pinboard where you put up sticky notes to remind yourself of whatever you need to do.

Bonne chance! 

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