7 Facetime Dates To Have With Your Friends or BF/GF If You Feel Lonely

By: Rawan & Hanya

We have been quarantined for well over a month. We don’t know about you, but every time we feel like we are suffocating in our work or because of our anxiety we decide to treat ourselves to something. Whether that is doing our nails, having some time to ourselves, and recently in the light of this isolation we have been missing our friends quite a lot and therefore having facetime dates with them is more than a much needed treat. So, Hanya and I have been using this time to spend some quality time with each other, since we live in two different countries and this is the perfect opportunity to talk… a lot. 

So, after multiple long facetime calls we started having facetime dates which are very cute, and we always look forward to them. We decided to make a list of facetime quarantine date ideas you can have with your friends to spice up your calls, and well it was a way for us to brainstorm ideas. So, without further ado here are some of our favourite facetime date ideas for you to try with either your friends or significant others:

Breakfast Dates

This is probably our favourite on the list and we were debating whether to save the best for last, or start with it and well you can guess which one we went for. Breakfast dates were the debut of our facetime dates- which is why they have a special place in our hearts. We would plan them two days in advance so we can settle on our meal and make sure we’ve got the ingredients. Now it’s a weekly ritual and we think y’all should definitely go for it too!

Breakfast dates are definitely great for some bonding time, and they make you look forward to your mornings even though you may have two boring lessons back to back. Not, only that but they can help you get out of your comfort zone and learn how to make a decent meal. I (Rawan) am such a shitty chef but now I can make a couple of things just by watching Hanya cook hehe.

If you want ideas for what you can make try:

  • Scrambled Eggs 
  • Pancakes
  • Crepe 
  • Cream corn
  • Salads
  • Oreo mug cake
  • Breakfast Sandwiches

For drinks:

  • Flavoured Iced Lattes
  • Tea
  • Tea with milk 
  • Just normal coffee
  • Orange/lemon juice 

Honestly, we’ve brought Paul home now!

Concert Dates

Okay okay, this too was unplanned! We just have similar music tastes and we both happen to be die-hard fans of the politics of Hozier, Mozart, and Damien Rice’s music. All you need is a laptop at either side and a good WiFi connection- as good as it’s going to get given the circumstances. Our silence surprisingly isn’t awkward or uncomfortable, we find comfort in each other’s presence and acceptance.

You can also try having a hype rap/hip-hop party playlist- whatever suits your music tastes.

You can also seek the comfort of belly-dance and play your favourite balady music to get your inner Fifi Abdou out; we’ve all got her locked up. 

Study Dates

“I’m good at Chemistry, let me help you.”

“Okay okay, I can edit those English assignments for you.”

This is nothing but a mere snippet of the many conversations that go on between us. We’re all already fucked up and our attention span has decreased to that of a Goldfish so a pick-me-upper never hurt anybody. Also, post midnight studying you guys, I’m pretty sure our teachers would’ve literally blocked us if we asked for an explanation at 3 AM.

Self-Care Sessions 

Skin-care and such is best when you’re straight out of the shower, feeling relaxed and clean so your face can absorb as much of that product. Now what’s wrong with doing that over facetime like you’re the next Lisa Eldridge? 

Call your friend and rework your skin-care routine, do face masks together or take some time to meditate. 

Make-up Therapy

Same same, but different. We recommend starting your day with this, and maybe get out of those nasty sweatpants you’ve stained in more ways than one. Whenever we just feel out of it and unmotivated, we put on our most obnoxious pair of earrings, lipstick, and biggest wing we can draw on our eyes. You can experiment with your makeup by applying bold eyeshadow colours; pink, blue or black- go wild. (The earrings are Zeina Amr’s fault of course) 


If you’re both hungry- which is bound to happen- cooking dates are as fun as it gets. Pick something that you are both craving and get to work. I usually have Hanya on video call anyways when I am prepping for our breakfast dates as she gives me directions. These video calls make sitting in the kitchen and making pasta a lot more amusing than it sounds.

If you want ideas for things to cook/bake:

  • Brownies
  • Pasta (Alfredo sauce/tomato-cream sauce)
  • Churros 
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes 
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Stir-fry noodles 

Netflix Party

So, if you have a friend that likes the same tv shows grab some popcorn, nachos, and coke and activate the Netflix party extension. You can’t go to the cinema together but Netflix is bringing the cinema to you. Also, if you’re you are more of a “mosalsalat arabi” guy/gal WATCH iT is giving you a free month to binge watch everything from Haret el Yahood to Abou el Arousa and Ela Ana. 


  • La Casa De Papel (fourth season you guys)
  • Elite 
  • Sex Education
  • Friends
  • One Day At A Time
  • Lucifer
  • Reign
  • Sherlock 


  • Marriage Story
  • Uncut Movies
  • Wonder
  • John Wick
  • The Dark Knight
  • Spiderman
  • The Imitation Game


Hanya & Rawan

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