Uhm, How Are We Supposed to Survive Being Locked Up During a Global Pandemic, Online Classes, AND Ramadan?

By: Zaynab

Warning: this is basically a rant. I think many people can relate to this article fa etfadalo, enjoy.

Forty years from now – that is, law el sanady 3adet 3ala 5eir-when I’m telling my grandchildren about my senior year, all I can say will be: It was supposed to be the best of times. I am exhausted while I’ve barely been doing any work. I’m trying to keep up but I’m constantly going down the rabbit holes that are Netflix, Youtube, and Instagram. After binge watching all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, I find myself constantly thinking of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf’s relationship, then berating myself for romanticizing it because of all the toxicity present-because what else would I do, study?

I mean, it’s not like the stress of next year is enough to suffocate not just seniors, but also students all around the world. It’s not like I’ve been in my house for over a month without leaving once. It sure is a good thing my siblings are the very definition of angelic and barely bother me at all. I am fully confident in my ability to handle this unprecedented scenario with grace and determination.

That was a lot of sarcasm in just four sentences. I’ve got to say, I’m proud of myself.

The thing is, being in the house with your family for two days is not that big a deal. I mean, it can be a bit trying, but it is manageable at the end of the day. Being in the house with your family for more than a month on the other hand is basically asking for a disaster. It is simply unhealthy for a group of people to stay in close quarters together for that long. Add a 3 year old, for example, or a 7 year old, or-God forbid– both to that mix, and you’ve got chaos. Karaoke nights can be a riot, and movie marathons are kind of fun, but most of the time you’re just looking for a way to relieve your never-ending migraine. 

Online classes malhomsh ay talatein lazma, and we have to do the assignments to graduate which is insane 3ashan that wasn’t part of the deal Cambridge, it really wasn’t but whatever. No one was even doing them at first and now that we know they matter we’re all trying to catch up, frantically writing notes to send them to teachers and prove that we’ve been studying. Frankly homa law shafo what we were doing fel deroos tol el sana kano hayedoona kolena stars 3ashan ana etsawa7t el sanady begad. But no, 11 lessons a week aren’t enough, because what, boom!, the exam you’ve been preparing for all year is cancelled! And right after you were going to start studying the entire flippin’ syllabus, too. But guess what, the assignments on Google Classroom are a way to improve the terrible grades you have in school as a result of all the focusing you’ve done on the cancelled exam. ‘We are completely confident in our ability to grade our students,’ says the school, all while panicking and assigning about a gazillion tasks. 

Gama3a Ramadan 2arab!! I missed it awii begad. 3arfeen a7la 7aga fe Ramadan eh? El lama!! Having all the people you love around you, having iftar with your friends, inviting people over and having the feast to end all feasts. Having se7oor fe share3 9. W tab3an kaman mosalsalat Ramadan, w salat el tarawee7. A7la shahr fel sana 2arab, and it’ll be really hard to share it with the people we love and the traditions we’re used to and everything else that makes this month THE month to look forward to when we’re all stuck in our homes. It’ll get better though. (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway). Regression to the mean is a thing, you know.

Balancing quarantine, online classes, and Ramadan is going to be a challenge to say the very least. But we’ve come this far. Let’s hope we survive this, I’m pretty damn sure none of us are coming alive anyway, so survival is key here.

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