7 Perfect Gifts for Your Unlucky Friends Who’ve Got Birthdays While We’re Quarantined

By: Jana El Hini

There are three types of miserable people during this lockdown: type one are the miserable extroverts that are forced to stay indoors for weeks without socializing, type two are the miserable seniors who are missing out of their senior year, and type three are the birthday boys and girls that won’t get to celebrate their birthday with their friends. And since you won’t be able to go shopping or see your loved ones, I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that you can buy from the comfort and safety of your home and send to your friends for their birthdays!

1. Cake! Cake! Cake!

As stereotypical as it seems, cake is the one gift you can never go wrong with. Especially with the lockdown, most parents might not risk going out. So, good news! Dara’s Ice Cream is delivering! But if a Belgian chocolate and salted caramel ice cream cake is not your or your friend’s thing, you can always count on Qahwa and order a Lotus cheesecake. There are tons of local cakeries still running, it’s easy and simple and a great way to celebrate with your friend without being there.

2. Gift Card(s)

Netflix, Anghami, or Audible, a gift card will probably make you friend’s quarantine heaven on earth. I know it’ll make mine! So, don’t hesitate just because it’s not a “normal” gift, these aren’t normal circumstances.

3. Books

If your friend is a bookworm, this is probably the best time EVER to gift them with a book. Check out AUC bookstores for a wide variety of books and find one that’ll perfectly fit your friend’s taste! AUC bookstores deliver, so you can order, pay, and send it right to there doorstep, I bet if you asked, a note could be included too!

4. Home Accessories

A mirror, pillow, or a mug! Buy your friend a gift that’ll remind them of you every time they see it. It’s what we all need right now and it’ll make for a thoughtful and memorable birthday gift, it’ll also make them feel better, which is all we can ask for right now. You can order them from Ikea or you can support a local business and check out Paillettes.

5. Skin/Hair-care Products

For one, you can order Himalaya Herbals face masks off of Souq. Or you can check out Urban Ducks’s bundles and offers, they’re still running in delivering. It’s not just them though: there’s also Kawket, Braes, Clementine Organics, Black Lotus, and more. None of us have the energy for some physical self-care, this is a wonderful way to comfort a friend and help them enjoy their birthday in the comfort of their home. Bath bombs, bath salts, essential oils, face/hair masks, body lotions, and even candles can go a long way.

6. Puzzles and/or Board Games 

Decorate you friend’s lockdown schedule with various board games that’ll make them bond with their families! Check out Souq for a variety of deliverable puzzles and games!

7. Pyjamas

Or any home clothes. All we’re wearing nowadays are pj’s, sweats, and t-shirts, and by now you’ve probably realized that you’re in desperate need of a pj restock. So one thing you can buy your friend is a comfortable home outfit! It’ll also make them feel special on their special day, even if they can’t dress to the nines and have a party and see you. Check out H&M, Zara or Oysho.

Hope your friend has a happy birthday,

Jana Elhini

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