Can it Be Summer Already? But Also, Here’s How We’re Surviving the Apocalypse

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

It hasn’t barely been three whole months in this bloody year and we’ve already almost had WW3, had the worst storm in a couple of years, there’s a freaking cureless virus that’s roaming the world like it owns it, we’re all on freaking quarantine and we have no idea whether or not we’ll have June examinations and SATs have been cancelled for the millionth time. Wow. I haven’t even mentioned Kobe Bryant’s death lol. We didn’t ask for all this, all we wanted was a new year to start over but, it seems like we chose the wrong year folks. So if there’s one thing that we’re actually excited for in this mess, it’s summer. Good old summer, our savior. 

I’m dying for summer to come because when it’s here, corona virus will go into the trash bin. This virus cannot stand the heat. It dies at around 27 degrees. In Egypt, summer is usually 40 + degrees which is hot af usually, but this year it’s a mf blessing. 

In the meantime, while we’re all waiting for quarantine to end and dying from boredom; here’s a few things we can do to help us survive this chaos because if we don’t die from corona, I guarantee you we’ll die from boredom.

Looking at the bright side, we now have lots of free time to use and you won’t realize that this was a blessing until quarantine is (hopefully) over and you’ll look back thinking, what the hell did I waste all my time on. Well. Tiktok, Instagram, Netflix  and sleep. So, we’re going to have to change that a bit because that is in no way near productive and you’ll regret this two months later when you’re in an exam you know nothing about. 

ANYWAY, back to the point, I think this is a great time to introduce meditation to our daily routine. Meditation will help a lot with all the stress we’re drowning in right now. It’s extremely helpful to relieve all the stress that we’re piling up and a great way to charge our bodies with positive energy to make us as productive as can be for the day – well as productive as we can be in quarantine. Just search for meditation videos on youtube and sit on your bed, listen to the video and it will guide you.

Since we’re all eating like pigs due to boredom, like literally, I have nothing to do so I just eat like, we’ve all gained at least 5 kilos in these couple of weeks and since all gyms and most of the clubs are closed, we have no where to burn that fat at. Here’s where home exercises  come into action. Every morning, dedicate from ten minutes to half an hour of your time to stretching, doing yoga, or your regular cardio to just help with your blood circulation and just make your body breathe a little badal el a3da eli malhash lazma di. 

Quarantine does not mean that we can’t ever get out of the house because like that’s just impossible. This also doesn’t mean that we have to go out every freaking day. No, if it’s not necessary, don’t go out. What I’m saying is, you can go for a walk in your neighborhood in the morning, just smell fresh air and get your body moving. Without talking to anyone or going anywhere just walk for five to ten minutes and then go back into your house. 

The last and most practical thing to do is studying. I know many of us have been piling up their work because they know that they will do it. Well, if you don’t do it now you won’t have any time left to study. This quarantine is the perfect time to study. You have all the concentration and time in the world, use that to your advantage. I don’t want to give you the lecture of if you don’t do this you’ll fail but really, if you study now, you’ll thank yourself later. 

Board games! It’s time to take our old chess tables and tawla out. Just a cute little way to spend time with your siblings or parents. I don’t think I need  to explain that any more.i just hope that it doesn’t end with a fight haha.

Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

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