Your Ultimate Hair Removal Guide: From Shaving to Waxing and Even Laser

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Whether you choose to love it, or leave it. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it is your choice, and you should always embrace it. Don’t just remove your body hair because everyone else is doing it. You should listen to your body and what’s best for it, and for some that would be to leave it, however, if you do choose to remove your body hair, here are some of the best ways to do so.

Shaving is one of the cheapest and most easily accessible methods of removing hair because you can do it yourself in the shower, and it only takes an extra minute or two. Something to note though is that even though it is the most efficient, fastest and cheapest way, it is also the most temporary because it only cuts the hair on the surface of the skin. So, if you are wet shaving, you will notice hair growth within 1-3 days depending on how fast your hair grows, but if you dry shave, you’ll most likely notice hair growth within 13-24 hours. It also does not make hair grow faster or slower. It does, however, cause hair to grow in with a blunt tip rather than a natural, tapered tip, which is what makes hair noticeable. Something to be aware of too are nicks and cuts, but if you use a razor designed for a woman -which is designed to handle the curves around ankles and knees- replace the blade frequently, and lubricate skin well with a creamy shave gel or foam, you can minimize any potential damage.

Bleaching isn’t technically a hair removal method, but it is a way to make hair much less noticeable. It’s an especially useful method for parts of the body that have thin, but dark and noticeable hairs like the arms, face, and neck. However, if you do have sensitive skin then I would definitely not recommend this method to you. This method takes more time, more energy and effort and it can be a little more on the pricey side. It’s more used on the arms and face. Another product or method similar to bleaching would be: depilatory creams. It’s simple, cost-effective and perfect for those just starting to remove body hair. It’s essential of course to read the label first – same thing with bleach – because this product does contain a lot of chemicals that might not be the best thing for your skin. Unlike bleach, depilatory creams actually remove body hair. These products contain harsh chemicals that work by breaking down the disulphide bonds in the keratin of the hair, and once those bonds are broken, the hair is weak enough that you can literally just wipe or rinse it off of your skin. Again, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, read the labels, test it out on a small patch of hair first before applying it on your entire body, and maybe even discuss it with a dermatologist, better safe than sorry. 

Waxing is an effective way to remove large amounts of hair at once. Wax does come with a serious ouch reputation, but it’s temporary – and like beyonce once said, beauty is pain – and the long-lasting effects are just one of the reasons why this method has become a favourite for many people world wide. Extreme caution must be taken when using hot wax, as you can very easily burn yourself. Wax does sometimes leave a residue that can easily be wiped away or even peeled off. However yet again, if you do have sensitive skin, you might get red bumps on the areas that you wax, it’s definitely not optimal but by just cleansing the skin and using an ice cube and maybe even some aloe-vera gel, the redness will go away. And, I would not recommend this if you have a low pain threshold. It’s also super important to exfoliate and cleanse your skin prior to waxing to avoid any unwanted ingrown hairs and also possibly an infection. A dupe for waxing with regular wax would be sugaring. The sugaring wax  is made with real sugar and other nourishing, natural ingredients, so it’s water-soluble. It’s easily cleaned up with warm water, whereas traditional wax tends to be a bit more stubborn. So essentially it’s just easier to clean up and a tad bit healthier for your skin – especially if you have sensitive skin – and it’s also the most sustainable method of hair removal. 

Laser hair removal is a high-tech method of hair removal targets hair follicles with heat from the laser, damaging them to prevent future hair growth. It’s the most expensive hair removal option, but also the most long-lasting, however, that does not mean that it is permanent. There is a huge misconception that laser hair removal will basically make you as bald as a baby’s bottom, when in reality it just reduces and slows down hair growth. Laser hair removal can be used anywhere on the body. But since it requires multiple treatments over the course of several months to see a dramatic reduction in hair growth, laser is best suited for smaller areas, like the bikini line and the face. These treatments are usually performed by a dermatologist. Within 6 months of doing this treatment consistently you will notice at least a 50% reduction in hair growth. Periodic maintenance treatment every couple of months may be necessary to prevent regrowth, because as I said previously, it is not permanent, only long term. 

Epilation comes ranking highest on the pain scale. But, the more you use it the less it hurts – although I really don’t believe that – and the long-term effects are worth the temporary pain. Epilation works by plucking individual hairs from the root by mechanically-operated tweezers, it can be a little bit painful – although as re-growth happens less and less and hair becomes gradually thinner this does subside – it’s best to look to areas that are not so sensitive like for instance, the legs.Epilators can be used dry or wet, it’s recommended to start with one that can be used in the shower as warm water helps loosen hair follicles which helps with the process. Exfoliation and epilation go hand in hand. As the hair becomes thinner, ingrown hairs can become more frequent so a gentle scrub regularly will help. Before dry epilation, brush legs with a towel to help lift hair at the root to ensure a perfect finish. Epilation removes hair from the root, so stubble days are a thing of the past. Effects will usually last up to four weeks. A perfect method for those who want a fuss-free approach to hair removal. 

We’re all given body hair for a reason and while many opt to remove it, it’s also worth remembering that it often serves a purpose. Hair comes in many textures, colours and varying levels of thickness so while for some just leaving it dry naturally is all it takes, for others it does need some management. Preference is key and it might take quite some time experimenting to discover what feels right for you.

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