10 of Our Favorite Arabs to Stalk on TikTok

By: Zeina El Mofty

If you know me, you know that I’m on TikTok every single day and especially because of the whole quarantine thing I breathe TikTok. (Seriously guys I’m going crazy, send help please). Aaaaanyyyway, because of that I follow almost everyone on the For You Page, imma give you a list of my personal favorite arab TikTokers. Will I be biased? Probably. This is my personal opinion, no beef guys. 

1- @Rolaisundefined

You will crack up. I literally went through her whole feed. Humor? Check. Mantaja? Check. Originality? Check check and check. She’s one of the very few people who are actually very funny and not at all cringy. Seriously man follow her, halan.

2- @EgyptianPrince

The creativity of this dude is seriously beyond me. Cracking arab jokes with a hint of exaggeration got me smiling at my phone like an idiot with my dad asking questions. He’s funny, he’s hella cute and he’s creative. Better hit that follow button. 


With his voice overs, this Egyptian 16 year old is funny for no apparent reason. It’s hard to tell if he’s being sarcastic or genuine and for that very reason, people admire him.


She has an absolutely unique sense of humor, literally like no other. From dancing dabke on rap songs to arab-ising every TikTok possible, she keeps her TikToks spicy, with a splash of hummus. 


If you’re into TikTok dances, this is the account to follow. Charlie Damelio meen yagama3a?? This Egyptian is on absolute fire, ooo and her dad joins in too sometimes (and let me tell you, it’s hilarious). 


I honestly don’t know what to say, just check her out okay? She’s literally this emoji 🥺


Never thought watching a day in the life of someone else could be so amusing. Sank u for washing 🥺👉🏻👈🏻


Basically #2 of @muslimthicc 🥺


Aka the absolute queen of facial expressions…


Pfttt, of course I’m going to take advantage if this article to sponsor myself. Follow me, I’m funny sometimes. 

That’s it for today, enjoy your quarantine and lemme know if you want a longer list, TikTok is full of sential, bored and talented people.

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