10 Netflix Shows Actually Worth the Binge You Need to Start Like, Right Now

By: Amina Farouk and Rawan Khalil

With all that’s going on, and our parents having already started lockdown, we’re in need of some good entertainment, because as we all know we’re bored shitless at home. So here’s our pick of some of the best television shows on Netflix right now. Grab your stock of snacks (and there’s def no shortage of those) and get ready! 


Gossip Girl meets American Horror Story meets Locked Up Abroad. Now I don’t mean there’s horror in the show, but I mean it shows the aspects of how cruel and evil people really are. Even teenagers. That’s where gossip girl comes into play. Members of the elite, born with the birth right, and others struggling with their race, money, and are welcomed into the school on a scholarship by one of the rich parents. locked up abroad comes into play with the drug/prison side of this Spanish Town. Anyone who loves drama, chaos and sex, will love this TV show.

I really recommend watching it, yes I am talking to you, the ones who are hesitant to watch cause it’s in Spanish and you don’t understand! Turn on the subtitles,grab the popcorn and get set for this show!

On My Block 

This is actually a surprisingly good show. I started watching it on a whim since I was bored and wanted to find something new to check out. 

I have to admit I actually didn’t like it at all when I watched the first episode. I thought the characters were all over-exaggerated. But I decided to just give it a chance.  I ended up getting hooked on the show after the second episode.

The best way I can put it is to say if you could take Saved by the Bell and make it about high school kids dealing with inner city issues such as making the best of their situations, while avoiding gangs yet still retaining some of the same charm and likeness, it would be what On The Block is.

Better Call Saul 

Better Call Saul is the prequel to the iconic and arguably the best show ever made- Breaking Bad. If you have not watched Breaking Bad please do yourself a favour and binge it. I do envy you if you have not watched it because you get to experience it for the first time- it’s one hell of a ride.

Now, Better Call Saul follows the life of Jimmy McGill or as we know him as Saul Goodman who is trying to become a successful lawyer. We also get to see a bit of the back story of Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut and even Hector Salamanca. 

Money Heist 

One of the greatest shows ever and obviously the greatest heist show. The actors, directors, writers everyone have done a tremendous job. It takes a lot of effort to make this kind of a thriller. The music is like cherry on top, though I can’t understand the lyrics much but the composition is just so good. The way every tiny detail has been covered in this show is really fascinating.

 Not much nudity, not much vulgarity, just pure intelligence, brilliant story, brilliant screenplay, brilliant dialogues wholesome entertainment. And it just gets better and better from part one to part 2 and then part 3 is even better. I can’t just wait for part 4 to come. A Classic masterpiece!!


Glow tells the story of the making of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling. It’s set in the 1980s and it follows the story of Ruth Wilder who is trying to make it as an actress but nothing really pans out. She finally auditions for GLOW where she has to work with her ex-best friend and let me tell you everything leading to that point is hella intense. The show explores the behind the scenes of wrestling. Glow will surprise you, it’s the type of show you did not know you needed and then you watch it and you’re hooked.

One Day At A Time

What’s better than a sitcom to kill your time and entertain the hell out of you? One Day At A Time is a cheerful, joyous and hilarious show that will break your heart and make you laugh hysterically for hours. It’s about a Cuban family- a three generation Cuban family living in the same house: a newly divorced military mother, her mother and her two children and also their landlord. The show is heart-wrenching you will most probably cry, but you will also laugh your ass off. Not only that, the show also touches on so many important topics- and well there are three different generations in that house you can imagine the conversations.

Bojack Horseman 

Bojack Horseman is not another adult cartoon, it’s an adult-dark comedy-drama about a depressed television star who’s struggling to find happiness and also become successful again by either acting, writing a book and also dealing with his relationships. Bojack Horseman is a show that has bravely explored and confronted topics which are normally lightly brushed upon to a great extent from depression to anxiety and loneliness. You meet mentally, emotionally and ethically troubled characters that somehow you fall in love with.

Dead To Me 

Dead To Me is a show that follows two women who have lost a loved one. The show is mysterious with very interesting plot twists which will keep you at the edge of your seat. With a single ten episode season out Dead To Me is short and sweet. 


One thing I loved about trinkets is it doesn’t push you hard to think in  a specific way, they leave you to decide what this series message could be, because there are diverse topics like LGBTQ, kleptomania, friendship and relationships. Initially I thought Elodie was not perfect for the lead role but it turned out no one else could have made it,

I like how they touch on teen abuse is real in high school. I like how they show the struggles of being a teen and how the struggle of figuring yourself out is Real.

Good Girls 

This show’s got a lot of crazy going, lots of twists and turns you wouldn’t expect to come and just slap you in the face. It’s action packed, joke packed, fun packed and all PACKED for me to binge for a 3rd time. If you like humour spiced with lots of drama you will love this wacky comedy. Can’t wait for season 3!!!

Good Girls has a lot of moments; when it’s sad you like.. actually cry. And when something great happens you feel like jumping up and down with them. Then the anxiety! I mean I fell in love with all of the characters on this show, especially rio, because i mean who doesn’t love him? give it a watch and you’ll understand.

If you get hooked on any of those shows (and you will), take a picture of your binge with some snacks and tag us (@aminaelfaroukkk + @rxwankhalil_

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