6 Reasons Why He Could Be Leaving You On Read (+ Social Media Stalking You)

By: Latifa Amr

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but ladies, if you’re familiar with the term “ghosting”, then you’re probably guilty of having to deal with boys who show you some interest, text you constantly, ask you to go out with them for a couple of times, get your hopes high and then poof, turn into a ghost. No living proof that he’s still well and breathing, just your last text with that blue tick and we all know what that means.

It’s a classic modern fairy tale, boy meets girl, girl likes boy, and boy is into girl. Both on the phone every day for a week, texting nonstop, everything’s all smooth and dandy, nothing to worry about, right? Right? Wrong! All of a sudden he stops replying, which is weird considering he was the one asking you something, then you feel bad and say fuck it, I’ll text him, and when you do, he leaves you on read!

Not only does he have the audacity to see that text (that took a lot of balls to send btw), but he starts orbiting your social media world, always the first one to view your stories, liking and commenting on every IG post, and you start to think that its kind of a secret message, that he might still be into you, so you start to dedicate all your stories and posts just for him. You feel over the moon when he sees them, and pretty bummed when he doesn’t and suddenly the one that was being stalked becomes the stalker.

So, the real question is; why are boys tormenting us, like I say it with all my heart, if you’re not interested in me, by all means, you have the mic please speak your truth and just let me down easy. But how are you managing the juggle between keeping my texts super dry and being the top viewer on every IG story I post. Because being girls, well, it means we have the power of an FBI agent, yes we see you and we do have some speculations as to why you’re stalking us. I mean, we do live in the age of modern technology so there are little to none excuses for text ignoring, however, without further ado, here is me attempting to come up with some reasonable explanation as to why he ghosted you.

  • Maybe he’s genuinely busy

Okay, so if you know me, you’ll probably know that I’m a firm believer in ‘el ghayeb li hegeto’ and I honestly try to live by it, because what if he really is going through something or has a lot on his plate at the moment and he just doesn’t want to make things complicated between you both, or what if he’s dealing with work/school deadlines and he’s too busy and he’s just in his bubble, I know these are all speculations but as I said, I and a firm believer that everyone is dealing with their shit. So why not him?

  • He’s just passing through his feed

This might be the most logical explanation yet; I mean it’s possible that he might just be scrolling through stories and as it just happens to be he stumbled on yours by accident and there were no intentions included, it was just an act of pure innocence. For some reason I kind of find it respectable, he has nothing to offer so he’s just being friendly on social media which is okay, there aren’t any rules saying that he can’t be. I mean I know I’ve been through every person’s stories on IG without even noticing, I sometimes vote on thing on the poll thingies without knowing who the person even is. So I kind of get it.

  • He wants to take a glimpse at your life

This is next level shitty communication; he’s interested in your life, but not to the extent to date you, and I’m sorry but that’s just rude, I get it you might not be in a place where you’re willing to commit or talk as a matter of fact, but the least you could do is reply, or AT LEAST establish the nature of this relationship, it’s not fair for her to keep wondering or getting insecure. I mean is this your way of keeping in touch? Without actually having a real ass conversation? That’s just messed up.

  • He wants to see if you still miss him like he misses you

I know, I know, it’s a far stretch, but if we’re exploring possibilities, I mean why not? Can’t it be that maybe as crazy as it might sound that he does feel stupid for dumping you and kinda wishes you guys could talk? Again, we’re just exploring.

  • He wants to keep you on a leash

I’m sorry, but if he is he’s a jerk and you need to dump his ass (as Max from Stranger Things might point out). He’s just trying to keep you on the hook, be his well-behaved doll, he plays with you when he’s in the mood and expects you to keep waiting for him while he’s playing with another. Boys like that are narcissists and they’re trash, you deserve better.

  • He’s on his man-period-of-shit

As girls we are known to have mood swings, which is okay and understandable, however when a guy’s on his period it’s different, he gets all moody and doesn’t approve of your lifestyle even though that’s how you guys met, and he thinks that he’s better than you so he keeps stalking you just to redeem some self-assurance and confirm that he made the right decision to dump you. 

There are endless reasons why, and personally, I believe that you shouldn’t care, if he’s into you then he’s gonna go out on a limb to grab your attention. If he’s not communicating, is he really worth it? In the words of the wise Radwa El Sherbiny BLOCK.

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