13 Apps You Need to Download if You Want to Survive This Lockdown

By: Hagar Ezzo

It’s 2020, and this year definitely started off with what I’d say a BANG. Maybe not the one we were looking forward to, but it’s definitely impacted us. First WWIII threats, Kobe Bryant’s death, and now, COVID-19. In the midst of our current self-isolation situation, you’re probably either: 

A) freaking out over finals B) bored out of your mind C) panicking with the rest of the world

Or, if you’re like me – all of the above. When will we get to go outside again? What about school and work? What will the world be like when this is all over? But the thing is, none of it is in our control. We just have to wait and see what happens. While we wait, there are some apps you should definitely download to kill the time. 

1. Reddit

The amount of time that passes once you open this app is insane. You can read other people’s stories, you can ask whatever you want to on r/AskReddit, scroll through endless threads, read all the replies, you’ll never get bored. There’s always something new. 

2. Alphabear: Words Across Time

This game is one of my favorites, you go around the world creating words to gather teddy bears to restore time. Need I say more? 

3. Bitlife

Bitlife is basically a life simulator, you start at birth and climb up the stairs of life. You never know what’s going to happen to you though! Maybe you’ll be charged for murder, your spouse may come out as gay, or you’ll live a totally normal life. Only one way to find out. 

4. Netflix

This one is a no-brainer. You could probably binge watch series until quarantine is over , to be honest. Check out Lucifer, Elite, Sex Education, and the classic Friends. 

5. Be My Eyes

Since we’re mostly stuck at home, help someone out. Be My Eyes allows you to help someone blind with whatever they may need. Maybe they need someone to tell them what color a certain garment is, or where certain buttons on a remote are. Small gestures go a long way. 

6. Faladdin

Now’s as good a time as ever to get your fortune told, so why not. Get a coffee cup reading, draw some tarot cards, see what will happen in your future. 

7. Nike Training

Just because all gyms are closed, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in! There are over 150 free workouts for everyone, and you can do most of them at home. No excuse for laziness now! 

8. Houseparty

Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be alone! Download houseparty and video call all of your friends! This app is great if not all of you have the same phone brand. 

9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This is the cutest game in my book, you can customize your own campsite and invite animals to it. Complete favors for them and level up. It doesn’t sound that intriguing, but this game will consume you. 

10. Tiktok

Another obvious one, but notable. Whether you love or hate tiktoks (or watch them ironically), there’s no doubt this app makes time fly by. So why not? Laugh a little, memorize a dance or two, make a stupid video and send it to your friends for a laugh – or make a duet! 

11. 2048

While I’ve never been able to actually win this game, that doesn’t stop me from trying. Seriously, I’ve played this game until my phone crashed. 

12. Episode

There’s just something about this game that makes you want to play it. It’s addicting, it’s time consuming, it’s perfect for quarantine. Although, you will have to deal with waiting a while to go on with your story. 

13. Crossy Road

Seemingly innocent, this game can get extremely competitive and tense. One wrong move and your score is gone. There’s so many animals to collect from the prize machine, so try not to get carried away! 

If you do decide to download these apps, I bet you won’t even feel the chaos of the world around you. They’ll keep you occupied for quite some time, and hopefully when that time is over, things will be better. In the meantime, stay safe, stay clean, and don’t panic.

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