How Not to F**k Up Your Studies and Grades While Stuck Home

By: Salma G

So, stuck at home for the next two weeks? Bummer, I know. But let’s look at it from a different angle. Not going to school means you won’t waste 7+ daily hours of your life for the 14 next days, which means you’ll have more free time. And even though you’d rather go out every day, maybe travel somewhere, take this period as a chance to check off all the things off your list that you promised yourself you’d do at home when you have free time, well now you do. One of these tasks must be exam or study-related because let’s face it, we may be on vacation right now, but we’ll be back for a shitload of work and a ton of exams later. So better start now, right? Here are some tips for you not to fuck up your studies during this surprise stay at home vacation.

Get dressed

I know staying at home for some of us can a very depressing thing, and that your pajamas give you the feeling to just lie down, to take some time for “antakha” and just forget about school and all that crap. So, change your clothes, wear some sporty clothes to give you some enthusiasm and energy to start the work assigned to you.

Oh, and get off your bed, definitely don’t work from there. Those pillows look too good to hug and sleep in for just 10 minutes, which ends up being 3 hours.

Pick your “Happy Place” to study at

Choose the quietest, most chill place in the house where you could actually concentrate, accomplish some tasks and not get distracted by people or noise around you, your “happy place”. And don’t bring your phone with you, because let’s be honest, you can write notes on paper, and search things on your laptop, which will be less distracting without all the tempting apps and notifications, begging you to look at them, and if you need music to get shit done, youtube will be more than happy to help. You’re not in your classroom, sitting on your desk anymore, you can pick any place you like, sometimes you can even switch rooms if you get bored.

Clean your study space

Make sure it’s clean and organized, so it would be pleasing to work in, and you wouldn’t need to spend so much time searching for that study sheet you were so sure you just saw lying there somewhere.

Take actual notes

Since we’re not attending classes anytime soon, we will be watching a lot of videos, and reading a lot of lessons using our laptops. Don’t let that stop you from taking notes, because although computers are really helpful, they are still a source of distraction, so taking advantage of the old textbook to write some things down isn’t a bad idea.

Plan work that you actually have the time to do

Don’t plan on finishing 9 chapters in one day! If you want to remember half the things you’re going to revise, split your work, prioritize it, from the most important to the least. Be realistic and honest with yourself, because you’re the only one who knows your capabilities, don’t compare yourself with anyone’s work or progress. And to be brutally honest, you’re never going to finish all 9 in one day anyway. 

There’s this technique called “The rule of three” where you can list three things to do daily. Once you finish them, cross them out then add the next three most important tasks.

Set a timer

If you’re a master at procrastinating like me, you’ll know this is one of the major problems you face during studying. To get through it, set up a timer on your laptop, challenge yourself, turn it into some sort of game, reward yourself if you succeed, but not with a 3-hour break!

If you want to get work done, you need to take it seriously, not promise yourself to study this chapter today, then spend the whole afternoon playing around, so you need to have a certain mindset. And to do that, you need to clear your schedule of any distractions such a match of FIFA on your PlayStation, a series you really wanna finish, a book you’re dying to read, anything that’s making you hate the time you’re spending with this assignment, so avoid studying during these moments and give yourself a small break.

Don’t forget about your friends

Concentrating and taking some time off of social media to study doesn’t mean isolating yourself from your friends. Call them, joke around, give yourself the chance to communicate, even though you’re not really able to see each other.

Stick to these tips and you’ll hopefully scratch at least half the unfinished work off your list. And as I always say, this khazoo2 too shall pass.

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