5 Local Jewelry Brands We’re Shopping From for This Spring + Mother’s Day

By: Maryam Ibrahim

Spring is around the corner and I can’t stress enough how happy I am about that. Spring means colours, positivity, happiness, fresh air and all the beautiful vibes of the universe blessing us. All of those things are, more often than not, synonymous with nice accessories too, jewelry especially. Therefore, I’m going to tell you about all the local brands that offer cute jewelry, from the boutique to the expensive, glass to gold, cute to chic-ly ostentatious.

Play Nice Accessories

Fact: Spring = Colors = Play Nice. For real though, I love this brand, their accessories are vibrant, beautiful, and chic yet oddly delicate! It’s a bit strange but aren’t all fun things? If there’s one word I can use to describe this brand, it’ll be playful, that’s for sure.

F For Farah

When I say unique, I mean unique. I have never seen such designs anywhere else, Farah’s work is mostly an homage to our culture, but a lot of it also portrays the way we’ve been influenced, some things are simple and geometric, others are a bit chunky but adorable, others are just plain powerful. If you’re looking for some gorgeous gold/silver pieces, this is the brand for you.


This brand is founded by a young AUC-ian; the brand is young with an old soul vibe to its jewelry. It’s eye-catching in its simplicity and authenticity. I love the incorporation of authentic stones to the jewelry, it’s not bulky but it’s also noticeable and it’s like the perfect fit.

The Chameleon Experience

Are you looking for bizarrely cute pieces? Cause I got you, well, The Chameleon Experience’s got you. All their goods are handmade which is quite impressive and so very sweet and appealing. Their accessories are made of polymer clay which is a type of clay that can be hardened, extremely lightweight and not fragile which is a total bonus. They’re the kind of jewelry I’d wear when thinking of the sun and the grass and the beach and the clear sky.

Last but not least..

Jude Benhalim

A long-standing staple for any and all young women, Jude Benhalim has wowed us again and again over the years with her impeccable ability to blend art and nature and geometric shapes into bold pieces. Everything is just so beautiful, I can’t. Every piece of her jewelry is intricately crafted in Egypt from 925 sterling silver, brass heavily dipped in 18k gold and custom-made Resin stones. If I can crown her queen, I would.

These were the most beautiful local stores that you can buy your jewelry from this spring. The jewelry will complement your looks and will have you looking bomb af – which is the entire point here, really. Lastly, considering we’re quarantined, this will make an awesome idea for a mother’s day gift.

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