5 Cravings We’re Having Now We’re Quarantined Home

By: Youssef Fekry

I wanna start this by sharing some Tastes Of Fekry wisdom with you all: If it ain’t worth getting fat for, THEN DON’T FUCKING EAT IT. Seriously though, never eat for the sake of it, never! I want your taste buds to be exclusive to the good shit. Skip the next paragraph for the good shit guide.

Most of us been staying at home for the majority of the weekend due to the weather. I looked out the window at 1PM on Thursday and it was pitch black. Literally everywhere is flooded and dark. Meanwhile, the corona virus is spreading faster than Charli d’Amelio’s renegade choreo on Tik Tok. Hence Sisi blessing us with a two week nation wide break off school. I generally eat like a pig, but when I’m on break I eat like three pigs. I recommend you make the best out of your time by eating bardo. I put together a list of the craving that I get during times like this. YALLA GO ORDER NOW.

  1. Cinnabon

For those of you who follow my IG blog keda keda you know that I’m obsessed with Cinnabon. All you need to do is the imagine stuffing these fluffy Cinnabon roles topped with a shit ton of caramel in your mouth before calling 16720 to order.

  1. Pizza Hut

Nothing can top a large stuffed crust cheese lover pizza with your toppings on it (pepperoni and beef is my fav). Keep reading cause I’ll give you some life changing advice on how to eat Pizza Hut.

  1. Order your pizza
  2. Order a medium salad box that only has Tomeya
  3. Order your buffalo wings (keda keda)
  4. Dip your wings and pizza in the Tomeya👅👅

That’s the only proper way of eating Pizza Hut. If you haven’t already had Pizza Hut Tastes Of Fekry style, you’re not living.

Pizza Hut hotline: 19000

  1. Shawarma

If marrying a chicken shawarma sandwich was halal I’d so go for it. Shawarma is one of these things that put a smile on my face, only from the right places tho.

My personal go to shawarma restaurant is Khairat El Sham😍. Begad begad the best shawarma you’ll ever have, and their Tomeya is bae.

If khairat El Sham doesn’t deliver to your house (they close at 12 btw☹), then go for Halab Grill.

  1. Feteer

It’s one of these things I can never get enough of! Whenever I order feteer I just don’t stop. Being full isn’t a concern of mine when I’m eating feteer. Bas only when it’s worth getting fat for!!! Battaw is my personal go to when it comes to feteer (100% biased), they literally make the only feteer that doesn’t make me feel like I at the Sojouk that came from a street dog.

Seriously tho, best stuffing, longest cheese pull. 100% recommend.

BATTAW: ‭01000660810‬


Unpopular opinion: Lucille’s tagamo3 is as good as the maadi branch. I said what I said.

That’s basically it. Order and see for yourself. I’d definitely recommend you go for a double bacon cheese burger.

Lucciles Tagamo3: 0122 4824845
Lucciles ‭Maadi: 0109 2915000

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