12 Struggles Only People With Curly Hair Will Understand

By: Zaynab Zaher

Having curly hair comes with its own set of challenges, such as fearing humidity on a daily basis, or looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter when you brush your dry hair, or never having the same curls no matter what you do, etc… Curly hair has a mind of its own. I love my curly hair, and I’ve come to embrace it, despite the fact that more often than not I just give up and tie it up in a bun. I think many people belonging to the curly haired community would agree. Here’s some more stuff we have to deal with on a semi-daily basis. 

Struggle #1: Frizz

I hate frizz. It’s awful. My hair is curly, okay? Why do I have to pull parts of it up to showcase that? Frizz. Frizz is why. Unfortunately, once frizz starts showing up, no amount of cream or oil or whatever secret remedy you’ve got will be able to control it. The only solution? Showertime!

Struggle #2: Styling your hair

I know I used bobby pins earlier. E5tafo fein? Haykoono 3amalo eh ya3ny, da5alo f dema3’y? Styling your hair is a commitment in itself. Not only do bobby pins go missing-only to reappear a day later- but also your hair morphs into whatever shape you put it up in. 

Struggle #3: Humidity

Hagrid, omena el 3’oula, Madam Mim- any of those sound familiar? Basically, this is what humidity transforms us (read: me) into.

Struggle #4: Conditioner

The amount of money spent on conditioner alone could probably have bought me a small house by now. Not only that, but you’re constantly on the lookout for a type that will suit your own unique curls.

Struggle #5: Tangles

As a child, having my mom brush my hair was a painful experience. She was as gentle as she could be, but I could feel my hair ripping out of my scalp and I genuinely thought I’d lose my head. We’ve all been there- right?

Struggle #6: Brushing your hair

Let’s just say it looks nothing like the Little Mermaid brushing hers. It is a painful, excruciating process filled with frustration and tears. Brushing your hair dry also means that it inevitably turns frizzy, and those voluminous curls disappear. So, using your fingers or a wide tooth comb is the way to go. 

Struggle #7: It grows out, not down

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. 

Struggle #8: It’s way longer than it seems

Curls bounce up, making your hair appear a lot shorter than it actually is- something which turns nerve-wracking when getting a haircut.

Struggle #9: It takes forever to straighten

Too late to go back, though.

Struggle #10: “You look better with straight hair”

Aww, thank you! This is definitely the first time I’ve heard that! It is absolutely not getting old- the sarcasm’s detectable, right?

Struggle #11: “Hate3mely sha3rek ya3ny hate3mely sha3rek”

My mother’s colleagues have only seen me in my natural hair twice or thrice, for real. Any event seen as remotely formal calls for hair straightening. No matter how hard you plead your case, it’s still a trip to the salon at then end. 

Struggle #12: Disliking having curly hair

We’ve all been there at some point. Our community views straight hair in a much better light than curly hair, and it’s affected many of us in various ways. Many girls with curly hair go through a straight hair phase, usually as a result of this. Luckily embracing natural curly hair has been a ‘trend’ lately, so to speak. Let’s hope people start following it (in the spirit of self-acceptance, of course. Obviously you can do whatever the hell you want with your hair. 

Ok, bye!

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