11 Things To Do Now That We’re All Stuck At Home and Bored AF

By: Fadila

This is not a vacation, this is not a drill, keep your asses home so we don’t all die, 2020 looks enough like an apocalypse, thank god most of the irresponsible young humans are under house arrest. I know we’re all frustrated as hell, we’re craving Cinnabon and maybe in the mood for a blowout, we want to play a soccer match or have a date with the cyber, I know, I feel y’all, but it’s our responsibility to stay safe and keep everyone else around us safe too. So, since we’re all stuck in this mad whirlwind of disease and panic (read: bullshit), here’s a bunch of things to do. You’re welcome in advance.

1- Netflix

The sheer amount of content on Netflix is insane, you might as well expand your horizons and watch a couple of documentaries on periods, feminism, and sex safety – hell, conspiracy theories even. I swear they’re fun. If that’s not for you though, Brooklyn Nine Nine always somehow makes the day pass by in a blink.

Here’re a couple of links to things you might like: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

2- Hobbies?

A visit to the nearest Alwan, Kol Shei2, or Samir & Aly can’t hurt. Grab some art supplies, be it paint, canvas, and brushes or needles and some yarn. Stalk Pinterest for craft ideas, then hunt for the how-to via YouTube and get a mini something going. Hell, here’s a better idea, grab an empty notebook and set to scrapbooking from old books, magazines, and even print outs from your favorite bands/artists/intellectuals/etc. It’s a great way to pass time and be productive, it’s also fun once you really get into it.

3- Kitchen = Life

Your kitchen is about to be your sanctuary, unless you’re a Seamus and make everything explode (if you know, you know). There are endless recipes online for various baked goods, from simple 3 ingredient cookies to complicated crumbles, if you’re honestly bored, make your way to your kitchen, turn up some music, pull out a recipe, and get to work.

4- Redecorate

Most of y’alls rooms are filthy, especially post storm. Bedsheets are ruffled, vanity cluttered, wardrobe is a ditch, shelves crammed with miscellaneous unimportant objects and old redbull cans. Get up, hook your phone up to some speakers, blast your favorite playlist, wear something messy and get to cleaning up. Once you do that, spend an hour or two down the Pinterest rabbit hole combing for DIY decoration ideas and start making a photo wall or wrapping your headboard with some fairylights or tearing out random pages from your favorite books with highlighted parts and making that a “literary wall”. Tbh, idk, ask Pinterest, but you get what I mean.

5- Tiktok?

Admit it, you lose yourself on Tiktok for hours when you should be studying instead, might as well Tiktok now, right? If you end up making some because you’re bored, post them to instagram and tag us, we’ll repost and it’ll be a thing, let’s bond over our shared misery and soon to be boredom-induced madness.

6- Study

Speaking of studying, actually get your shit together, please. Sit your asses down, grab a cuppa, a scented candle, put on some soothing Charlotte Cardin, grab all your colored pens and cute highlighters, and get to work. Two-three hours a day is more than enough if you actually make it that far, believe it or not.

7- Support Your YOUNG Local Creatives

Meaning, watch Amira Adeeb’s youtube videos, check out Laila Ezzat’s vlogs on IGTV, and Nour Rizk’s makeup tutorials on IGTV too. Stalk hijabi blogger Farida Lotayef and photographer Ahmed Tarek and writer Aisha Ahmed. Buy a cute bag from Halla Emara’s brand Kato or Alexandra Gabra’s jewelry brand Alexandrie, or even some socks from Ismael Shehab’s Sharaby. Go listen to Hoda El Sherbeeny’s soulful singing or look at Youssef Hanna’s recent content or go drool over Three Full Bellies’ various food shots. Go share stories with Zeina Amr via Catcalls of Cairo and listen to Lamaan‘s podcast Cut the Crap, and read the captivating writings of Danya Koueider. Follow Zeinab Shafei for wellness content and goodness, get hyped up to dance through Rana Ihab and Hana Helal’s accounts, or fall in love with working out again with Farida Ashraf.

Being a young content creator, creative, or entrepreneur is NOT easy – show them (and us, because we’re ALL under the age of 19) some love, we’ll appreciate it, and it’ll kill some of your boredom.

8- “Classic” Self Care

Bubble baths, face masks, shaving, exfoliating, moisturizing, and more. It’s time for some relaxing music, a scalding bubble bath, and a good hour to do nothing but sink into that boneless state. Get out, braid your hair, do a mani-pedi, spritz some of your mama’s expensive as shit perfume and just lounge in bed like the queen you are. Boys, bubble baths are amazing, but also just a hot soak is good, consider taming the beard and eyebrows, a facemask is ALWAYS a good idea, so is a pedicure tbh. Self care shouldn’t be gendered, in my humble opinion.

9- Read!!!

During the storm, I read a poetry collection, two novels, and a book on Feminist ‘Camp’. It was fantastic. I feel like re-reading Harry Potter now, though. Anyway, grab a good book, worn or new, crack it open with a cup of green tea, recline, and enjoy.

10- Backyard Fun

You’ll need: a big towel, a chair, earphones, shorts + tanktop, sunglasses, and sunblock. Sun’s out all morning, grab some snacks from the kitchen (ie that bag of cheetos) and a huge glass with chunks of ice and your favorite drink. Spread yourself out after lathering your body and face in protective lotion, lay down, insert your earphones, and kiss the world goodbye. Tan, nap, enjoy the weather, read a book, play tag with your dog, i don’t care, it feels amazing, trust me.

11- Personal Project

It’s always interesting to immerse yourself in something you love. You’ve got a lot of time on your hands now, start working on a personal brand or website, plan a party or event, start an art portfolio, write the skeleton of a novel, dive into the history of Europe, start online courses for a nutrition certification, work on moodboards for a photo shoot, film videos of various outfits and post them online, or start an “advice column” on your social media!

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do, the entire world is at your disposal, research your favorite basketball player, compile a list of possible universities to attend, look at different projects you might want to emulate, create a vision board, binge watch netflix, bake, write, work out, film, play with your pet, eat, call an old friend, ANYTHING. There’s no shortage of things to do, get off your bed and get productive.

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