Safety 101 – Smoking, Vaping, and Shisha, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

By: Jana El Hini

Smoking has been an ongoing issue affecting several generations. We’re doing it, our parents do it, and our grandparents did it. It’s like a tradition that’s being passed down through generations, so.. when does this tradition plan to stop? I mean, we’re getting hooked on something that’s downright bad for you and there isn’t anything to deny! The human race has managed to create various types of smoking, that’ll all kill you. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Whether it’s shisha/hookah, cigarettes, vape, or bongs, I’m here to prove that they’re all the same.

According to Egyptian Independent, around 80 billion cigarettes are consumed annually by Egyptians. Now let’s presume that it’s the same amount in all the countries of the world, how much is that? Let’s think of this in a variety of aspects, shall we? Environmentally, your cigarette is not only causing air pollution by releasing toxic pollutants into the air but also, the cigarette butt pollutes our ecosystem! That’s not only it, vapes are biohazard waste. So while you’re enjoying that five minute cigarette break, you’ve managed to help ruin our only planet.  But let’s give this another whirl, because perhaps the environment is the least of your concerns. We all know the obvious effects of smoking, lung cancer and a change in your voice, but guess what? There’s a lot more where that came from. You can go blind, Type 2 diabetes is one of the major effects that can lead to limb amputation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and of course, gum disease. 

Shisha, hookah, smoking through a death tube, whatever it is you call it, has 3x more carbon monoxide than cigarettes and 100-200x the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette. But it comes in bateekh and tofa7 and all the manly guys smoke it so we have to. Let me just point out that that’s not how being a man works. Not how it works khales. 

But let’s talk about vaping, vaping isn’t harmful.. right? That’s what everyone says. Well, news flash, it is harmful. Around 1,299 cases of lung disease have occurred throughout the US and they’re all caused by vapes. Unlike cigarettes, there aren’t enough researches conducted on the long term effects of vapes, therefore we don’t really know what it can cause. But what we do know is that vapes can paralyze the cilia (hair-like” projections in the airways of the lungs that remove microbes) which can then lead to pneumonia. But most of you guys are using it as an excuse to quitting cigarettes, no, no,no and a thousand times NO! You’re not quitting smoking by smoking something else. When one plans on quitting an addictive habit, one does not start another. When you decide to quit smoking, you go through a full on body detox, you talk 180 degree change for the better and you don’t, I can’t stress this enough, you don’t use other means of smoking. Ever.

I’ve spent this entire article talking about how much cigarettes, shisha and vapes are bad for you. But allow me to talk about second-hand smoking and it’s consequences. Did you know that 30 minutes of me (a non smoker) sitting with a smoker can cause me heart damage similar to that smoker? Let that sink in. Approximately, 7300 annual deaths are caused by secondhand smoking. So let’s put it this way, would you like to harm those you love as you knowingly harm yourself?

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